Nov 14, 2016

Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine featuring ProYoung Ph

 What you know: Koreans are well-known to have good skin.
What you don't know: That there's a Korean 10-step skincare routine!

Secret's out. They actually spend a lot of time putting on a pile of skincare products and not just putting on whatever vial is in front of them. Instead, these certain products consisting of organic and powerful anti-aging and whitening ingredients, are carefully applied on their skin in proper sequence to be more effective.

And because you're very special to me (naks), I will share to you the Korean 10-step skincare routine using the ProYoung (formerly SeriAsia) products. We were invited to their skin artistry event last month and taught us the routine using their product set that is well-suited to achieve Korean beauty. They also use ingredients extracted from nature and are well-known for their anti-aging and whitening properties.

10-step routine means 10 skin care products to put everyday?!?
Not really! But I know it could take a lot of time.

Read on to know more!

Products to be used are (Top-bottom, L-R) ProYoung's VitaOil, Enzyme Cleanse, Chakra Crystal, Whitelity Essence, Whitelity Complex, Wood Mask, Vitamin E Cream and Sun-Defense Foundation (as tinted sunscreen)

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Oct 23, 2016

CustomThread Beta-Launch

I think we just found the happiest t-shirt printing factory in town.
With top-of-the-kind printing machines, vibrant work place, engaging staff and cute dogs!!!!
They really take customizing apparel to a whole new level.

Let me introduce you CustomThread!

The idea of customizing your apparel from the type of garment, design to the little details such as buttons, zippers and collars might seem too much to handle, but CustomThread will make it easy for you! Through their newly launched website, the whole process is just breeze. They have a build-your-own-design app, cost-calculator, and payment and delivery services. 

 You can also start your own online store and fundraising campaign and sell your designs through their e-commerce system called Fundr! No worries about start-up capital, production, payment and delivery, because they can help you in every step of the way! Cool!

Their headquarters is located at Brgy. Don Antonio, Quezon City. This spacious and lively place is where they hold their state-of-the-art printing machines. Be ready to be welcomed by their PR dogs and friendly staff who also gave us a tour and live demos of the services.

From T-shirts, jackets, sportswear, corporate uniforms, to casual outfits, they offer personalized designs whether you’re ordering one or one million pieces. Just give them your logo or design or create your own using their build-your-own design app that let’s you customize fonts, images, to colors of sleeves.

Feeling thrilled to start your design but having trouble what printing method is best?
You can pick from their technologies according to your needs (basic colors, patterns on swimwear, embroidery on sweaters).

Check out the various printing methods they showed us during their factory tour!

They have the newest printing technology called Kornit Direct to Garment (DTG) for high quality printing of images and multiple colors.

It's like a huge t-shirt printer. The shirt is pressed flat on the printing platform and the design could be seen on the screen.

As you can see, Kornit machine really prints the image on the shirt like how an office printer works on paper. 

While on black and dark colored-shirts, the machine prints first a white base-color to make the design colors vivid.

Then it is fed through a dryer called ADELCO, to make the colors last more on the shirt.

Another printing option is sublimation. The design could be printed all around the fabric!
The design is first printed on paper.

Then it is transferred on cloth via heat press!
And here we have a basketball shirt!

This is best for irregularly sized fabrics and if you want to print full patterns or image on your cloth!
If you have cute patterns for skirts, tops and swimwears in mind, then this is the machine that will make it real!

They also do silkscreen! Best for 3 colors and below with a tangible ink finish.

Every color requires a new "screen". It's amazing that the process is done manually and they can produce a lot!

Don't want the usual print and you prefer the classic? They also have a digital embroidery machine!

Guaranteed speed and precision, and can produce 15 colors!!

As they are an all-inclusive platform, you don't need to worry about delivery and packaging!
You can also choose if you want those bundled in eco-bands, in plastic, in cloth bags that you can also customize with your own brand or logo! 

Must be a lot of work to produce a shirt? Oh these guys know the work-play balance! This area is their cafe-slash-bar where their staff could unwind and grab a drink while playing with their Golden Retrievers! 

Wondering why this company is such a happy place? I tried to ask their PR Director, Dallas Sy. Apparently he doesn't talk much. Haha. (Yep he's the Golden Retriever down there. Hehe.)

So I just talked to their CEO, Erik Sy!
CustomThread believe in "Together We Can" attitude. Good products are results of a collaborative effort and a happy working environment.
"Together we make things possible."

Thanks Custom Thread for a fun night! Congrats!


Blk 6 Lot 1, Don Faustino St. cor. Don Primitivo St., Brgy. Holy Spirit,
Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines 1127

(+632) 3648677
(+63) 907 700 0000


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Sep 25, 2016

"Made just for YOU!": Dearberry Philippines Launch

In adapting beauty regimen, you don't have to look far. Koreans have proved to us that organic and natural products are still the best way to maintain the skin. What's good about Asian products in general is that they are made for Asian skin.

Like our upcoming Korean brand in town, they introduce products "made just for you".

Let us welcome Dearberry! Giving you a peek from their fun and sweet launch!

This intimate launch for bloggers was held at Oakwood Hotel in Ortigas. 

The hosts introduced the brand and their wide range of products one-by-one! See that aisle? It was full of beauty products!
Starting off from the skin care items, you would almost be overwhelmed by the types of skin care products that Koreans use. Mostly are anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, and brigthening. Then they move on to primers, bases, face,lip and eye makeups. A certified makeup addict haven I must say, cause they have it all! Even makeup applicators like brushes and blenders. 

The products were passed around so we could examine and try them out. 

Haha! I should've arrived without makeup lol! I could do a full face makeup with these products!


Their eye makeups were those who caught our attention.

Shai trying the Lashmellow mascara

That wing.
I just made that in less than two minutes, JUST using that Rockat Eyeliner! ON THE SPOT! 
Highly suggested for newbies and busy people who still want to rock a wing in an instant. 

Here are some products that they are offering:

Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, makeup removers.

Creams and lotions


One of my faves! Suri Suri compact powders! I like that there's a glass divider between the puff and the powder. I believe that it is to prevent unnecessary product transfers, and personally to prevent growth of microorganisms. (So you better clean your puffs regularly!)

Blush and lip color in one! CheeKiss!
Perfect for teens and college girls who's just starting with their make-up kits and have small space in their bags!

Flirt and Lipservice lipsticks with various pink and red shades.

And a whole lot more! Watch out for my upcoming reviews!

Korean beauty products are famous for the youthful and not so made-up face peg.
In here, they also showed us how to use Dearberry products to do a no-make-up, simple look.

These cuties are not hard to love! Can't help but to play with their line of products. Haha!


The "mascara face"! 

Love them!!

I know you just can't wait to try Dearberry products too!

You can learn more about them by following their social media accounts!
Dearberry Philippines (

You'll definitely love this brand! Made just for you! 


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