Dec 10, 2016

Achieve "Au Naturel" look with 5 Dearberry products

My advice to anyone who ask me about makeup is just to focus on the basics. If you are a teenager or a young professional and beginner in makeup, it's better to invest in products that brings out your natural beauty rather than applying every makeup that can make your face look fake.
Knowing what products will work don't mean you have to buy everything and end up wasting your money!
That's why me and Dearberry are here to help you build your makeup basics!
Why Dearberry? Well, it's the latest Korean brand in town to give a try! Korean makeup is all about natural-looking, organic, and effective, so it's sure to deliver a second-skin feeling. In fact, Dearberry uses berries, (which contain most antioxidants) as their main ingredient to their products, which also protects the skin from free-radicals.
I might be using only 5 products, but they are packed with powerful ingredients for the skin!

Dearberry products that I'll be using:
Cover girl BB Primer in #1 shade
Suri Suri Aguamenti Powder Pact in #2 Natural Beige
Miss Mona Lisa Eyebrow #2 in Coffee Brown
Rockcat Eyeliner Pen in #1 Phantom Black
Flirt Lipstick in Glamour Bronze
These products are what I consider my basics. A good base, eyebrow, eyeliner and lip color! I've been using eyeliner before to emphasize my small eyes and just few years ago when I realized the importance of grooming the eyebrows! Haha!

For me, before you put any additional color to your face (blush, eyeshadow, contour), you must know how to "draw" on your face. Consider your face as a blank canvass. You wouldn't use crayons first before pencils and eraser, right?

So here's my bare  face!

First, I put on Dearberry's Cover girl BB Primer in shade #1. It works like a tinted moisturizer that also protects and nourishes the skin. It has SPF 35 and a light-medium coverage. As you can see, it evens out my skin and lightly covers my pimple marks. Enough to give you a refreshed look.
I prefer this instead of foundations that feel heavy on the skin.

BB cream gives the skin a dewy finish, yet I am the oily type so I need something to mattify my face.
So I put on next the Dearberry's Suri Suri Aguamenti Powder pact in Natural Beige.

Look how it mattifies my skin!This also smells naturally good! It also has a sheer to medium coverage and with SPF 25! Perfect for touch-ups!

So I told you to learn to "draw" your face first, yes? The eyebrow drawing game is on! I'll be using Dearberry's Miss Monalisa Eyebrow in Coffee Brownie.

There are different ways in drawing your eyebrows since we have different types of arch. I suggest to let an expert shape it first then maintain it. When you already know the shape of your brows, then you can easily follow it!

That eyebrow brush is useful in blending and grooming your brow. I make upward-outward strokes so my hairs will go in one direction.
You might find it thick on the first time, but seriously, it really helps to frame the face, especially the eyes. All you need is practice on your brows by following your natural arch.

Eyeliners also come in different types but for starters, an eyeliner pen like this Dearberry's Rockcat Eyeliner Pen can let you draw a tight line to a cat's eye!

It's very pigmented and fast-drying, that I can achieve this with just few lines.

I seriously did this under two minutes! Not all eyeliners can be used on-the-go, but this eyeliner pen is spill-free and non-smudging!

It's time to add some color!
A Korean brand could also jump to the nude trend!
Using Dearberry's Flirt lipstick in Glamour Bronze which is a nude with coral undertone.

Creamy and glides on the lips smoothly!

Very pigmented so you can achieve the full nude lips in few swipes.

Definitely one of my faves now! I still use some matte lip creams but having a nude lip stick is still different since it is more convenient and hydrates the lips.

Basic natural makeup using only 5 Dearberry products is done! At first you might think it's not possible, but as you can see it's all about using the right products and highlighting the right features. It doesn't look overdone nor too simple, just natural!

Also thanks to Dearberry for their wide range of makeup for young women like us!

Check them out!
Dearberry Philippines

Love lots,

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