Oct 6, 2014

The Girl Who Waited for that magic Blue Box

"The girl who waited, you've waited long enough."
- 11th Doctor (Doctor Who)

Hello there!
My love for personalized items is just great that I want almost everything to be designed by me if I could. Isn't cool to be unique? Plus if you have the talent and creative juices then, why not?

That's why I felt happy when I got an email from HiCustom.net offering me a chance to try their customizing website. I didn't think twice especially that time I really wanted to have a Doctor Who shirt. Fandom is calling and creativity is overflowing, I took the chance!

One of my fave story arcs in Doctor Who is the Pond's family timeline. It's where I started watching (Season 5) and that very first Doctor Who episode just captured my heart.
Amy Pond is just a wonderful character and I think many could relate, especially being the girl who waited. Haha. Yes, pun intended. 

But I realized I need to get over the 11th Doctor feels, since Capaldi's coming as the 12th. Saying that he would have a fierce and rebel character, I tried to match it with my outfit. 


Custom Shirt from HiCustom.net | TARDIS pouch designed by me Miss Bella Mode | Betty leggings | Black boots

Whovians would easily spot my tarp pouch right away. In fact when I first brought it in school (UP Diliman), three of my classmates in a class talked to me and said they're Whovians too! Oh how giddy I was to meet people who are in the same fandom as me! That's one reason I designed this TARDIS tarp pouch. Yes, it's from my shop Miss Bella Mode

TARDIS tarp pouch is 8.5 x 6 inches. If you already visited my shop, you see I also sell tarp wallets 3.5 x 5.5 in. This time I decided to make a larger one to fit my notebook fillers, ball pens, phone, wallets and a lot more stuff that I need for school. So whenever I need to change bags or go out somewhere near but want to bring my school essentials, I just bring this pouch!

Of course, to make it more personal, I put my name on it... in Gallifreyan!!

I don't need to think hard for something to match my outfit, because all I need is to design and stitch this tarp pouch! (Or not really that easy). But hey, it isn't just about fashion and matching, also functionality and convenience. Being a student, that's what I look for!

If you want to have your own TARDIS pouch, just drop by my shop Miss Bella Mode and send a private message! Or if you have any inquiries, just comment below!

Anyway, for my shirt, like what I said I got it from HiCustom.net !

Here's an overview of their website and services!

What I liked about their website is that it is easy to use, especially their Design Lab where you will create your own custom stuff!

I am very creative person (yes, self-proclaimed haha), but I'm not good in drawing. That's why I'm fond of this types of interface where you could just drag and drop elements!

Here's how you could create your own custom product!

Choose a Product

They have wide variety of products to customize like shirts (which have a lot more variety depending on your style), phone cases, bags, mugs. For the shirts, I like how they have different types of shirts (baseball shirts, toddlers, round neck, v-neck, sweatshirts etc.) and available in diff. colors and sizes.

                                                                 Choose your Design!

For my shirt, I picked Custom Women's Blank V-neck and uploaded my design as a photo. 

Once your photo is uploaded, you just have to click it to put it in the shirt. Then you could resize and put it within the design area.

That's one thing I also liked about this because it warns you if your are resizing or moving it outside the printing area. 

Basically, here's what mine looked like.

Here are other examples!

They also have a prepared designs!

Let's see, I also like Sherlock...

and I want to make it black.

I put a "Get Sherlock" custom text below the prepared design!


I also tried other stuff like this mug, and being a Harry Potter fan too...

Well, this website just brings out my fandom love and love for designing!

Visit their site at hicustom.net !

Visit my shop too at facebook.com/missbellamode !

Hope you had fun!


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