Sep 14, 2016

7 Flavors by Chef Boy Logro World Fusion Buffet-Review

San Juan is probably one of the go-to place for variety of hidden gems. For buffet place, I think going   somewhere slightly secluded yet spacious lets you enjoy your unlimited heaps. Have you ever felt being overwhelmed in a buffet not only with lots food choices but also with people going up their seats and grabbing food from all directions? 

In 7 Flavors, you will feel the comfort of buffet dining experience!

This two-storey restaurant is located at 196, Mabini St. Addition Hills, San Juan. The buffet is located in the second floor while downstairs offers ala carte food items. The first floor could also serve as an events place for gatherings. It also has a wide parking space for your cars.

Here's the dining area of the second floor. As you can see, the tables have ample distance to each other and very spacious. Less chance of bumping with someone with a full plate There are also  rooms for groups and families!

The area is also well lighted, and while you're eating you can watch episodes of "Idol sa Kusina" shown on the TV.

The 7 Flavors: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Spicy, Umami, Astringent

The food are sure delectable as the owner of this place is no other than "Idol sa Kusina" host and chef, Chef Boy Logro. 
My family is a fan of his show and we always gather just to watch him. His humble beginnings when he started as a dishwasher boy then he went up to be the executive chef of a hotel then to royalties, were very inspiring and he's just fun to watch along with Bettina Carlos!

Here's their buffet area. Left side are the appetizers, salads and fresh food.

 Salad starters! For some who wants to toss different ingredients and dressing, you can make your own with fresh ingredients!

Of course, it wouldn't be called a world fusion buffet if there are not any foreign dishes.
The difference I can say with other buffet is that they have limited offerings. Which is kinda good for those who know specifically what they want.  Unlimited of something you really, really want.

Like Maki sushi.


and probably my favorite (I heard others loved too) the Make-your-own Tacos!!!

I'm not the rice meal type of person, so this stretch of chaffing dish didn't excite me as much. Only few photos I took but they have Filipino dishes like Kare-kare!


Mafu tofu

They also have a carving station featuring roast beef!

See my plate? My faves! Tacos, pasta, maki, pizza and beef!!!
It's full of carbs I know, I just love the umami taste more, especially the tacos!

The meal already made me feel full. But I saved some space for dessert. Haha!

Dessert station!!!
Most of them are pastries but they also have coffee jelly and bilo-bilo for non-baked goods.


Well-baked cookies! This one's my fave since they are chewy and bigger than usual chocolate chip cookies.

Carrot cup cakes


Mango royale

And if you still crave for a Filipino dessert, why not try their make-your-own Halo-Halo!
They also have different flavors of ice cream to top them off.
Sugar? Yes please!

For the drinks you can have sodas and fruit juices, or milkshakes like this Campfire milkshake! It's like a drink version of S'mores. Sweet with bits of marshmallows. 

I didn't experience umay in 7 Flavors. Probably because I'm more of a quality than quantity so the limited variety is just enough for me. Like I can scan the whole buffet area from a spot, and you already know what food you'll be getting.

The place also welcomes parties, groups and family bondings! With those enclosed rooms, you can fill up your plates and have like a family-style dining. 
The place is also well-lighted, taking pictures was a breeze for me. I didn't have to edit much so I can say that the place is instagrammable! 

Lunch- Php400.00
Dinner- Php500.00

Friday-Sunday and Holidays
Lunch and Dinner- Php600.00

Lunch is from 11am-2pm
Dinner is from 6pm-10pm

They also have and Artisan Bakery open from 6am-8pm and Gourmet Cafe open from 6am-12mn.

Visit 7 Flavors!



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