Aug 31, 2016

Not Your Usual Smooth and Hair-free Feeling with Whipped!

Oh ever since I got this partnership I told myself I'll never get a leg wax. Even if sugar waxing is probably the safest way of removing hair.
 But I did. Whaa.
It was my FIRST TIME to get those thin little hairs on my legs stripped off.
Can't wait to tell you my experience!!!

My leg hair didn't really bother me because they're thin and short so it never crossed my mind to have my leg waxed ever!
But because I love trying new things for blogging and for my readers, I decided to try it.

For my hairy readers and friends out there, this one's for you.

I availed of the Caramel Scrubbin': Half Leg. That's a combination of scrub and wax. The half leg area to be scrubbed and waxed is from the knees to your top side of the feet.

First, I was scrubbed. A flavor scrub was scrubbed to my legs, then followed by sugar scrub.
I recommend that you avail of the Caramel Scrubbin for a smoother feeling. Unlike other waxing salons, Whipped offers sugar scrub which is organic and naturally effective in moisturizing and exfoliating!
The result is not only smoother feel, but moisturized and supple! 

After  I was scrubbed, my sugar technician brought in a big lump of sugar wax.
Few sprays of water, she spread the sugar wax on the area and just a flick of the wrist and the hair there is gone! It didn't really hurt. In fact I was just taking pictures while it was happening because it's amazing that it's that easy to remove hairs.

Here's a close up picture of my leg with hair and the hair-free one!

Even though I have thin hairs, the look of my leg is different. Perfect for those who use leg make-up or for pictorials! I honestly didn't think that it will matter much but for hairy people out there, I know it's a big deal!

The session lasted less than 25minutes. Highly suggested for people who can't handle pain and are new to this waxing thing.
No pain at all with better results using natural ingredients!

Get #StrippedWithWhipped and #SmootherWithWhipped now!

Visit their three branches: 
1) 3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces, 
2) 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center, and 
3) 2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center.

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