Sep 25, 2016

"Made just for YOU!": Dearberry Philippines Launch

In adapting beauty regimen, you don't have to look far. Koreans have proved to us that organic and natural products are still the best way to maintain the skin. What's good about Asian products in general is that they are made for Asian skin.

Like our upcoming Korean brand in town, they introduce products "made just for you".

Let us welcome Dearberry! Giving you a peek from their fun and sweet launch!

This intimate launch for bloggers was held at Oakwood Hotel in Ortigas. 

The hosts introduced the brand and their wide range of products one-by-one! See that aisle? It was full of beauty products!
Starting off from the skin care items, you would almost be overwhelmed by the types of skin care products that Koreans use. Mostly are anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, and brigthening. Then they move on to primers, bases, face,lip and eye makeups. A certified makeup addict haven I must say, cause they have it all! Even makeup applicators like brushes and blenders. 

The products were passed around so we could examine and try them out. 

Haha! I should've arrived without makeup lol! I could do a full face makeup with these products!


Their eye makeups were those who caught our attention.

Shai trying the Lashmellow mascara

That wing.
I just made that in less than two minutes, JUST using that Rockat Eyeliner! ON THE SPOT! 
Highly suggested for newbies and busy people who still want to rock a wing in an instant. 

Here are some products that they are offering:

Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, makeup removers.

Creams and lotions


One of my faves! Suri Suri compact powders! I like that there's a glass divider between the puff and the powder. I believe that it is to prevent unnecessary product transfers, and personally to prevent growth of microorganisms. (So you better clean your puffs regularly!)

Blush and lip color in one! CheeKiss!
Perfect for teens and college girls who's just starting with their make-up kits and have small space in their bags!

Flirt and Lipservice lipsticks with various pink and red shades.

And a whole lot more! Watch out for my upcoming reviews!

Korean beauty products are famous for the youthful and not so made-up face peg.
In here, they also showed us how to use Dearberry products to do a no-make-up, simple look.

These cuties are not hard to love! Can't help but to play with their line of products. Haha!


The "mascara face"! 

Love them!!

I know you just can't wait to try Dearberry products too!

You can learn more about them by following their social media accounts!
Dearberry Philippines (

You'll definitely love this brand! Made just for you! 


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