Nov 14, 2016

Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine featuring ProYoung Ph

 What you know: Koreans are well-known to have good skin.
What you don't know: That there's a Korean 10-step skincare routine!

Secret's out. They actually spend a lot of time putting on a pile of skincare products and not just putting on whatever vial is in front of them. Instead, these certain products consisting of organic and powerful anti-aging and whitening ingredients, are carefully applied on their skin in proper sequence to be more effective.

And because you're very special to me (naks), I will share to you the Korean 10-step skincare routine using the ProYoung (formerly SeriAsia) products. We were invited to their skin artistry event last month and taught us the routine using their product set that is well-suited to achieve Korean beauty. They also use ingredients extracted from nature and are well-known for their anti-aging and whitening properties.

10-step routine means 10 skin care products to put everyday?!?
Not really! But I know it could take a lot of time.

Read on to know more!

Products to be used are (Top-bottom, L-R) ProYoung's VitaOil, Enzyme Cleanse, Chakra Crystal, Whitelity Essence, Whitelity Complex, Wood Mask, Vitamin E Cream and Sun-Defense Foundation (as tinted sunscreen)

Subject: Momo. Blogger. 21 y/o. Single.
Okay let's move on.
Here's my bare face (with few pimple marks and skin pigmentation).
   Okay! Let's do this!

STEP 1: VitaOil
During the event it was used to remove make-up, but it also preps your face. Like before having a facial. It has heat retention properties that warms and soothes your skin.  So when applied the feeling is warm and calming because of Lavender and Aloe leaf extract.

Gently apply to skin and wash thoroughly.

: Enzyme Cleanser
Washes away dirt and impurities without drying the skin. It has Lactic acid and Aloe Leaf Extract.

Works like a regular cleanser, but you can see the moisturizing effect!

STEP 3: Scrub using Chakra Crystal + VitaOilAfter cleansing, it's time for scrub! Using natural sea salt plus the calming oil, this creates a sensuous face spa experience!
DON'T SCRUB EVERYDAY. Scrub only 2-3x a week depending on your skin type.

Just put an ample amount of sea salt
And few drops of VitaOil

And scrub that dead skin cells away!

This process is one of my faves since it massages the face and the lavender scent from oil makes me wanna sleep! So relaxing!But don't snooze yet, wash your face after and let's move to Step 4!

STEP 4: Five Element MaskProYoung has five different types of mask depending on your skin type. We've tried the water element during the event which is good for sensitive skin and has hydrating effect. I took home a wood element mask that is made up of finely decomposed organic materials more than 30,000 years old! It lifts excess sebum making it suited for oily skin!

Since the wood element mask is composed of decomposed materials, it quite smells like you're really putting some decomposed shiz. But don't worry, for me it's tolerable and effective! My skin felt elastic and smooth! Just wait for it to dry up then wash away!
STEP 5: TonerHelps soften dead skin cells further and unclogs pores for that radiant glow! What I like about this product is that it doesn't have any harsh smell and feel. It doesn't dry up the skin too because of its Advance Moisture Complex!

We just used our fingers to spread the product because they say that when you use cotton, most of the product is just absorbed by the cotton than the skin.

STEP 6: Essence
Considered as the heart of the Korean skin care, because it lessens the appearance of dark spots and it has the most concentration of anti-aging properties! It looks and smells slightly like orange juice, well, it actually has Orange Peel Oil ingredient.

I make sure to apply it near my eye area to brighten up my face.

STEP 7: ComplexUnlike the essence, the complex has a slightly creamy yellow texture but also offers almost the same benefits. What's unique is that the complex reduces skin pigmentation and appearance of lines and wrinkles because of  Ellagic Acid as antioxidant and Olive Oil.
I also feel a little cooling sensation when I'm applying this.

 STEP 8 & 9: Vitamin E cream 
Oh I'm sure you'll gonna love this girls! ProYoung's E-Action cream contains 10,000 I.U. of Vitamin E! Probably the highest content of Vitamin E in a cream available in the market. With its white dense texture, it deeply moisturizes the skin, smoothens the face and INSTANTLY GIVES YOU A HEALTHY GLOW! Yep yep. Super love this. They say that customers love ordering this.
It works both as an Eye Cream and Face Cream (that's why 8 & 9)!

I've used up around half of it for a month. But you can also apply it to other parts of the body that needs extra moisture.

Lastly, you have to put up protection. ProYoung's Sun-Defense Foundation works like a tinted sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays. Non greasy formula and water resistant!

Spread it evenly for maximum protection!
Aaaaand TA-DAAAAH!
You can see it visibly reduced my pigmentation and pimple marks! Also makes your skin feel smooth and supple gives the face a pinkish and refreshed glow! It's like a prepped canvass before putting on your base and colors.
 They say, it's better to put on a lot of skin care products than make up. For me, it means you have to take care of your skin more and be beautiful with or without makeup.

Be #NaturallyBeautiful with #ProYoung !

For more information visit ProYoung Ph's social media accounts
Instagram: @proyoungph

'Til the next beauty reviews!

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