Sep 22, 2014

Date of the Day: Speed Dating Event for Professionals

        Now you're on late 20's, could you really say that you're "happily single" in your age?
Maybe 5 years ago. Unless you just want to focus on your career or have to finish your goals in life, I'm sure you don't want to end up an old hag with 12 cats.

    Time to meet young, single professionals in the Date of the Day event on September 27, 6-9pm at Cafe 1771, El Pueblo, Ortigas. It is open for limited number of ladies and gents, ages 25-35!

    Socialize with a handful of selected applicants and singles alike. Applicants undergo background check to ensure safety of the participants. Explore a different kind of dating. Not many do this kind of thing and this might be a memorable experience for you! Lastly, this is no pressure! Just have fun and you could bring along your single friends too!


" Happily single but ready to mingle? 

Join our speed dating event exclusive for young professionals! 

If you or know someone who is interested, kindly complete the application form in the link below for a selection process. 

Preferred rate is available for early birds! 

For inquiries, contact Glory de Leon at 0917-5214339." You might just find your match!

Love, MoMo

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Sep 6, 2014

Holiday Styles from Philippine Fashion Week 2014

August sale just ended and September just started, it's really the holiday season for fashion!! I hope you took advantage of the sale and bought something to fill up your closet. Have you been deciding what to wear these months? Here are the designs from Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014 to help you out!

This season showcased pieces that are functional and fashionable during the wet season and for out-of-town travels. Of course, the designers each have their own takes at them and for sure you'll enjoy the variations too! Don't worry, I put a "GET THIS STYLE" tip to do them on your own!

The show starter, gold and glam never fails to impress. James Bond @ 50 theme, the pieces are embellished with gold and suited for formal gala nights and awards night.

GET THE STYLE: Your LBD plus GOLD accessories!

This is one of my faves. Black + a pop of jewel color. Elegant and breath-taking at the same time and saves hours for deciding what to wear!

GET THE STYLE: Black sweater + one-color SKIRT + BOOTS!

Black could be the lazy color during the holidays but...Hey! Here, black ensemble looks chic and mysterious. This is a pick of those who like to keep it low during travels.

GET THE STYLE: THROW IN your black outfits! Haha! The technique is to mix pieces that tell about your style. If you want to feel lady-like, opt for sheer black dress and pleated skirts. Formal, use sharp cuts like tailored jackets and skirts. Finish it off with sandals!

Reminds me of policewomen and ship captain uniforms but sexier. This is a good use of double breasted jackets, coat, crop tops and heels!

GET THE STYLE: Black crop top, coat, tailored pants and heels.

For men, sharp, tailored pieces and minimalistic take, later you'll see, it's either this or pop of colors.

GET THE STYLE: Long sleeve polos, vests, jackets and straight-cut pants.

Be comfortable in white, cream or nude! Always bring out the light and fresh feel especially here when she used soft textures and laces.

GET THE STYLE: Lace blouse or dress and nude heels.

Still on nudes and blacks but here, it's more street-style than formal wear.

GET THE STYLE: Statement sweatshirt, pants and leather shoes!

Be unique and attention grabbing with splash of colors!

GET THE STYLE: Tight shirts, lousy pants, high top boots

Play with prints and soft textures.

GET THE STYLE: Brown top and sheer animal print long skirt

EsAc by Audie Ae
Pop of one color and geometric prints! Feel so mod but the hats look very classy than preppy.

GET THE STYLE: Geometric patterned dress and black heels. Wear the hat if you can!

SO TOKYO STREET! Mustard yellow, blue, orange and brown are the colors to mix. Be playful with color blocking but still keep the wearable, casual vibe.

GET THE STYLE: Color block your jackets, shirt and pants! Be wary of the mix though! Avoid being a color wheel. : )

This one reminds me of Vietnamese fashion though. Nudes and whites for subtle lady-like feel but with embellishments to add up glam. Minus the conical hat, the dresses are perfect for formal parties and December weddings!

GET THIS STYLE: White embellished dress and nude heels

The crowd favourite, this collection shows multi-function outfits! YAY!
So if you're travelling, these are perfect space-savers!

GET THE STYLE: Invest on pieces that can be worn in many ways like a loose skirt or tube tops! And don't forget to bring a shawl or a scarf too!

Only a few weeks before the PhFW S/S 2015 and I'm looking forward to fresh Filipino designs! But for the min time, let's enjoy the holidays and these style guides.

 Be fashionable and comfy on your holiday trip!



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