About Momo

Moriela Morandarte, MoMo for short, born on May 20, 1995 from Pasig City, Philippines.
I'm studying HRIM in UP-Diliman. I've been blogging since 2011.

 I also do freelance photography and designing as my hobby. I blog about events, fashion, food and beauty.

Some details about me (to check if you want to collaborate with me or have a topic to talk to!)

  • I love (to make) red sauce pasta (and cooking in general)! My signature dish is a red sauce pasta with a dash of wine, usually Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • My style is minimalist classy. I had a dream of being a fashion designer one day when I was in HS, but I can't draw very well.  I currently have two, personal, two-piece collections.
  • My skin is oily and acidic. I'm open to try out different make-up and products for my skin, (falling) hair and nails.
  • I wear prescription eyeglasses. I'm open to try out safe and certified contact lenses.
  • I've been writing poetry since high school, when I started college in UP (I was 16 then) I got pressured, I began writing online to release my stress. Writing, especially blogging, has been a life-changing passion for me.
  • I have a fandom shop I manage myself, Miss Bella Mode where I sell accessories and fandom tarp wallets

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Sherlock BBC, Doctor Who
Celebrity crushes: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Cruise
YouTube favorites: (Music) Sam Tsui, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Max Schneider, Leroy Sanchez
(Make-up) Michelle Dy

I want to meet Steven Moffat and James Corden in the future and build the Childhood Dreamers Club. 'Cause we all know how they made their childhood dreams into reality.

Don't stop dreaming and reaching!

Contact me for blog collaboration, sponsorship, questions and comments
send me an email at charmedgirl2095@yahoo.com


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