Jun 27, 2016

2nd National Integrated Waste Management Exhibition - Environment Summit 2016

The global effort to raise awareness on helping the environment is getting much more creative and public-friendly. From Hollywood stars wearing recycled materials, to movies promoting zero-carbon lifestyle, all these in a sense, promote waste management.
But the question is,  how much do we really know about waste management? 

The thing is you don't have to be a fashion designer or a movie producer to know how to manage your own solid waste, and share the awareness to other people. 
In fact, the 2nd National Integrated Waste Management Exhibition held last June 21-24 at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall with the theme "Fostering Shared Responsibility in Integrated Waste Management" showcased different ways of managing the wastes we produce. More than just simple segregation, there were government units, private companies and organizations that could give you an idea on how they manage their own wastes.

The opening ceremony was started by a keynote speech by environmental advocate, Sen. Loren Legarda. She's frequently seen supporting indigenous and recycled materials and went far as to wearing them. Among other laws she authored, the Ecological Solid Waste Management Law signed in 2001 was for the local government units to implement segregation and built material recycling facilities.

"It has been 15 years since the law was passed, but according to the Department of 
Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), as of 2015, only 36 percent, or 545 local government units (LGUs), have complied with all aspects of this legislation." Sen. Legarda said.
 It means that there are cities that have open dumpsites, which could be hazardous to the health and natural resources of the town. You can inquire to your LGU if your city complies to the ESWM Law.
 In the household level, we are encouraged to segregate our wastes and know the schedules of the biodegradable and non-biodegradable collection days of the garbage collectors in your area.

Our country is one of the top countries in terms of biodiversity yet we are also at the top in vulnerability to disasters, added by Sen. Legarda.
These environmental laws in the country are made to protect us from disasters and save our resources.

Following the speech was a fashion show by the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines. The models wore outfits made of or detailed by indigenous and recycled materials.

by Edwin Uy

by Cathy Cavilte

Used red mongo and corn seeds for the details by Adam Balasa

 Bamboo gown by Chico Estiva

by James O'Briant

This creation 
by Louis Pangilinan made me realize the extent of the creativity by Filipino designers! This is probably the crowd fave. Our future representatives to international beauty pageants could use it as national costume! 

Made by the very detailed bridal gown designer, Paolo Blanco.

This one's my favorite! The gown is made of McDo spoons! By Marjorie Lee Gumabay

Fish net terno by Nere Ku

The shawl is made of white plastic bags, by Rian Fernandez

A pretty dress accentuated by plastic bottles! By Richie Bondoc

The ribbon-cutting ceremony are lead by DENR, MMDA, FDAP, SM Malls representatives and Sen. Legarda

The event was attended by environmental advocates, students, NGOs, and members of the press.
Participating companies and brands have booths that shows their ways of helping the environment and managing their waste. Some give informative pamphlets and books.

The 2016 Environmental Summit was managed by Artistespace, which specializes from planning to executing events and digital marketing solutions.
For more information about 2016 Environmental Summit, visit their official website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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Jun 19, 2016

7 Stuff that Bloggers Get from Blogging

Background stock photo from Shutterstock 

Whenever I tell people that I'm a blogger, one of the questions they ask me is if I do get paid.

Hesitantly,  I answer "Not…really. But yeah I get stuff."  People are aware of content writers on websites that are getting paid by placing ads like Google's Adsense, or the pay-per-post schemes where writers are paid to write about a topic. Those are still how some websites go, but now it's a bit more interactive and companies know how to manage their resources to specific bloggers .  For example, a make-up brand will probably advertise with or invite bloggers who blog about make-up because their audience is the company's target market. It is also important to companies to take care of their bloggers because they are both consumers and influencers; what they use and buy to blog, matter. Well, the thing is the stuff that bloggers get  is technically "free", a gift, but we consider it an "ex-deal" or exchange deal for post/s. Sometimes, it's just a token or something to remind you of the brand or event.  Being given free stuff is fun, not to mention some things we get is something we need!

I'll be listing down the 7 things that bloggers get from blogging , based from what I know, my experience and what I've got from five years of blogging!

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Jun 15, 2016

'Til the End of the Spectrum

The previous sem had me focused on our thesis, on my acads in general. In fact our thesis defense was scheduled on my birthday. Haha. That was my last academic sem and the only subjects left are for my practicum. I know that this would be my "last try" so I focused hard and spent as much time with my studies. I had to sacrifice going to some events, to go to a Magihawa milktea shop to be alone doing acads. Instead of writing blog posts, I write drafts for my English writing class.
Even though I have lots of "do-not-disturb" time, I spent ample time too meeting new people, working with my cool group mates, and hanging out for deep talks with friends.

I can say that from the variety of experiences I had in my school year, this has been my most colorful sem. I experienced the blushing reds, the lonely blues, the happy yellows, the relaxing greens and annoying oranges (lol).
I'm proud to say that I ended this sem with my highest GWA. And it was my first time to be a University Scholar.

Focus and balance. Surround yourself with positive people. And you'll end up seeing seeing your spectrum of colors.

I thank all the people who supported me and helped me through that sem.
Now, I'm back to blogging!

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Jun 13, 2016

Whipped Sugar Waxing and Scrub Salon

Sugaring is probably one of the oldest, safest and cheapest exfoliating agent and way of removing hair. A sugar wax is usually a mixture of honey, sugar, lemon juice and water to create a paste. My friend introduced me to d-i-y sugar scrubbing lately because the skin will feel oh so very smooth like you've never felt it before. When I first tried d-i-y sugar scrub, I did really feel the smoothness but I thought I can't make it a habit because SUGAR IS A COOKING INGREDIENT AND EDIBLE (I cook and it's really an issue for me lol XD ). I'd rather use it in my coffee, sauces and desserts. Yes, my point is the food deserves the sugar more, rather than for my skin.  Haha. 

Which is why when Whipped Sugar Waxing and Body Scrub Salon offered me to try out their salon, I got my eye on their scrubbing services! I first availed of their Caramel Scrubbin' for Back and Underarm.  I am quite oily and have few pimples at the back so I really wanted to have it scrubbed. Aside from whitening properties, scrubbing the underarm smoothens the skin and it's one of my top body part I wanted to maintain by scrubbing.  Only this time, I will not have that guilt of using our own sugar at home for scrubbing, and someone will just scrub the unreachable areas of my back. Yay!!!!

I went to their branch at the 2nd floor of Eight Forbes Town Center in BGC. Those pastel colors and decor reminds me of  Loli fashion, the one being worn by cute little girls in Europe: ruffles, pink, violet and pastels. Whipped sugar waxing and body scrub salon just screams FUN AND SWEET !!!

When I entered the salon, the staff were nice to greet and accommodate me. They were actually asking me if I would want a wax along with the scrub but my underarm hair is still growing. 
Their rooms were curtained and opened via sliding doors ensuring privacy during your session. Most of all, the amenities inside the room were clean. 


For this session, my scrub lady  got me a tangerine-flavored scrub  and a tablespoon of sugar. 

She sprayed water to my underarm to cleanse then she applied the tangerine scrub. It has whitening essence too.  After that she applied the sugar; thus the scrubbing sensation doubled. The tangerine scrub is in cream form and applied first so the sugar won't be too rough for the skin. She explained that scrub and wax usually go together, especially in the underarm area to resurface the ingrown hair and be removed during waxing. ( Hmm.. I'll try it next time! ) Then she cleaned the scrubbed area with a towel.

Next was my back scrub. I told her why I want to be scrubbed there and when she saw my back she saw the pimples too. Huhu. The same procedure was done to my back but with a little massage. Hihi. She said the she can't massage/scrub harder because the sugar *might* scratch the skin or make the pimples bleed.  We were just talking from time to time, and she asking me if I'm okay. 

The session lasted for 30mins! And my skin felt firm and soft! My scrub lady even told me that my back got slightly whiter than my arm. My underarm and back became free from the sweat and oiliness caused by the hot day and after that I sweat very little because my pores in these area got tighter. I felt #SmootherWithWhipped !

I want to go back next time to try out their underarm sugar waxing and scrub!
Here is their price list! Try out their services too! 

They have three branches: 1) 3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces, 2) 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center, and 3) 2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center.

Visit their social media sites to know more:

'Til next!


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Jun 5, 2016

Philippine Fashion Week at 20: Arnold Galang and Noel Crisostomo

For 20 years, Philippine Fashion Week has been showcasing Filipino fashion and art. And for their 20th year, they held the event at Discovery Primea last May 28-29. I had the chance to watch on the 28th for Arnold Galang's and Noel Crisostomo's shows and I can say I still felt the fashion week vibe, although it was just a weekend. Only this time the space is smaller than the SMX but then, it was less hassle catching one show and another. For someone who has been attending fashion week, I appreciated the efforts of fashion enthusiasts and supporters of the designers and models no matter where the event is held.

Anyway, let's look at Arnold Galang's I AM FOR PEACE collection. He's been with doing this for the past years; advocating peace through his designs. In this collection, the color is mainly black, with mesh, net, chiffon and faux fur fabric. Clients love him for combining simplicity with elegance and wearability! RTW FTW!! After the show, these pieces were available for viewing and for purchase, and people like me got to try out some of them and we found it hard to take them off because they are too comfy!! 

This model reminds me of Kylie Jenner and made me realize that good makeup + styling could really go far!

This one's my favorite! At first, I thought that the bow/ribbon is printed on the top, but when I saw it up close during the viewing, IT WAS ACTUALLY BEADED!! How cool is that?!?

The headpieces are also made of beads. The styling felt like something Ariana Grande would sport. 

                                    Designer Arnold Galang

  The clothes from Arnold Galang's collection range from P1000-P3500! A catch for a designer piece!! If you happen to see some of the pieces in this collection I strongly suggest you shouldn't let them go!

Next, let us look at Noel Crisostomo's playful retro collection! Sequins, plaids, hues and colors dominated the runway! And who wouldn't miss that STATEMENT EARRINGS? ME!! Love them.

I'm a minimalist so I guess this black dress will work for me haha!

Ohhh I love the color! Some dresses in here have side pockets too!

THAT HEELS EARRINGS! I believe that statement earrings could pump up any outfit.Yes. Look.

Speaking about playful and fun, huh?

Designer Noel Crisostomo
If you are the type of person who is bold and wants to stand out from the crowd in an event or party, this collection is for you! 

Seeing the collection of these two designers was enough to see the evolution of two decades of PhFW. These designers never fail to awe and meet the taste of Filipino market. 

Me wearing my flesh cape dress I designed!

Let us support Filipino fashion! #PhFW@20


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