Jun 5, 2016

Philippine Fashion Week at 20: Arnold Galang and Noel Crisostomo

For 20 years, Philippine Fashion Week has been showcasing Filipino fashion and art. And for their 20th year, they held the event at Discovery Primea last May 28-29. I had the chance to watch on the 28th for Arnold Galang's and Noel Crisostomo's shows and I can say I still felt the fashion week vibe, although it was just a weekend. Only this time the space is smaller than the SMX but then, it was less hassle catching one show and another. For someone who has been attending fashion week, I appreciated the efforts of fashion enthusiasts and supporters of the designers and models no matter where the event is held.

Anyway, let's look at Arnold Galang's I AM FOR PEACE collection. He's been with doing this for the past years; advocating peace through his designs. In this collection, the color is mainly black, with mesh, net, chiffon and faux fur fabric. Clients love him for combining simplicity with elegance and wearability! RTW FTW!! After the show, these pieces were available for viewing and for purchase, and people like me got to try out some of them and we found it hard to take them off because they are too comfy!! 

This model reminds me of Kylie Jenner and made me realize that good makeup + styling could really go far!

This one's my favorite! At first, I thought that the bow/ribbon is printed on the top, but when I saw it up close during the viewing, IT WAS ACTUALLY BEADED!! How cool is that?!?

The headpieces are also made of beads. The styling felt like something Ariana Grande would sport. 

                                    Designer Arnold Galang

  The clothes from Arnold Galang's collection range from P1000-P3500! A catch for a designer piece!! If you happen to see some of the pieces in this collection I strongly suggest you shouldn't let them go!

Next, let us look at Noel Crisostomo's playful retro collection! Sequins, plaids, hues and colors dominated the runway! And who wouldn't miss that STATEMENT EARRINGS? ME!! Love them.

I'm a minimalist so I guess this black dress will work for me haha!

Ohhh I love the color! Some dresses in here have side pockets too!

THAT HEELS EARRINGS! I believe that statement earrings could pump up any outfit.Yes. Look.

Speaking about playful and fun, huh?

Designer Noel Crisostomo
If you are the type of person who is bold and wants to stand out from the crowd in an event or party, this collection is for you! 

Seeing the collection of these two designers was enough to see the evolution of two decades of PhFW. These designers never fail to awe and meet the taste of Filipino market. 

Me wearing my flesh cape dress I designed!

Let us support Filipino fashion! #PhFW@20


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