Jun 15, 2016

'Til the End of the Spectrum

The previous sem had me focused on our thesis, on my acads in general. In fact our thesis defense was scheduled on my birthday. Haha. That was my last academic sem and the only subjects left are for my practicum. I know that this would be my "last try" so I focused hard and spent as much time with my studies. I had to sacrifice going to some events, to go to a Magihawa milktea shop to be alone doing acads. Instead of writing blog posts, I write drafts for my English writing class.
Even though I have lots of "do-not-disturb" time, I spent ample time too meeting new people, working with my cool group mates, and hanging out for deep talks with friends.

I can say that from the variety of experiences I had in my school year, this has been my most colorful sem. I experienced the blushing reds, the lonely blues, the happy yellows, the relaxing greens and annoying oranges (lol).
I'm proud to say that I ended this sem with my highest GWA. And it was my first time to be a University Scholar.

Focus and balance. Surround yourself with positive people. And you'll end up seeing seeing your spectrum of colors.

I thank all the people who supported me and helped me through that sem.
Now, I'm back to blogging!

Well, after that long sem I suppose I deserve some time with myself, and friends!
After my appointment at Whipped, along with my friend Gelai, we went strolling from Forbes Town to have lunch at The Fort Strip. I brought my SLR that day so I had my "city photography" time, and as well as #OOTD time. HAHA!

It was my first time to roam around this area of BGC. Didn't know Burgos Circle is full of colorful restaurant places. The place is perfect for shots that "don't look like it's shot in PH" shots.
Just look at how that yellow-orange armored van add contrast to the background.

Aside from the neutral colors, the pink shades are my lazy outfits. The top and the bandage skirt were actually given to me as gifts. While the bag was bought in a stall in Greenfield District. The strappy wedge sandals are from Otto .

We went to the Fort Strip to see again an array of restaurants in hues! My friend Gelai and I went to Puzzles, a board game cafe lounge. Read her review here. I'll make my review soon too!
The backdrop was their board game shelf!

This was shot by Gelai just by angling without even looking at the camera. Haha! I like how it showed me wearing one of my earrings I designed!

See more of my designs and products at Miss Bella Mode .

After our lunch and hours of playing board games, we went to High Street to take some OOTD shots again. She told me that the rainbow hangings in the middle will be a good place to take shots. Indeed she was right! I say they look ethereal. She said they look even more beautiful at night because they are lighted up!

There were people taking photos at this place whether for outfit shots or selfies. Well, "BGC is photo-friendly city", they claim.
It's really a conducive place for city photo-blogging in general.

I hope to work here few months soon as this is such a fresh, vibrant and lively place to take a break after a day of work.

As they say, after the rain, there is always a rainbow.
During hard times, after all hardships and challenges,
look at the brighter side of things, and make it colorful.



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