Jun 19, 2016

7 Stuff that Bloggers Get from Blogging

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Whenever I tell people that I'm a blogger, one of the questions they ask me is if I do get paid.

Hesitantly,  I answer "Not…really. But yeah I get stuff."  People are aware of content writers on websites that are getting paid by placing ads like Google's Adsense, or the pay-per-post schemes where writers are paid to write about a topic. Those are still how some websites go, but now it's a bit more interactive and companies know how to manage their resources to specific bloggers .  For example, a make-up brand will probably advertise with or invite bloggers who blog about make-up because their audience is the company's target market. It is also important to companies to take care of their bloggers because they are both consumers and influencers; what they use and buy to blog, matter. Well, the thing is the stuff that bloggers get  is technically "free", a gift, but we consider it an "ex-deal" or exchange deal for post/s. Sometimes, it's just a token or something to remind you of the brand or event.  Being given free stuff is fun, not to mention some things we get is something we need!

I'll be listing down the 7 things that bloggers get from blogging , based from what I know, my experience and what I've got from five years of blogging!


After the event, just head to the exit and you'll find the PR people handing you the goodie bags saying "thank you for coming to < insert event here > ! " Just peek a little inside but don't open it yet until you've made a turn! Haha! I usually get toiletries like lotions, face products, soaps and perfumes, depending on who are the sponsors of the event. From the Chef's Dinner event hosted by Colgate, I took home like a half-year's supply of toothpaste.
Of course, there are the usuals: T-SHIRTS, TUMBLERS,MUGS, BALLPENS and 1GB FLASHDISKS with the brand's/event's logo.  So whenever my classmates need to borrow USB drives from me, I am so willing to share.

2) PRODUCT SAMPLES                        
The Girl Who Waited for that Magic Blue Box post
Customized shirt from HiCustom
For you to try...and hoping probably you'll blog about them. From food samples, make-up, face creams, sun blocks to customized shirts, medicines and pet food. I once got a body scrub from a brand I've known ever since but I only got the chance to try it lately to find out they really have a good product line for my skin! So my mom bought a few soaps from that brand to try out!
These also include gadgets, but I haven't got them since I'm not a tech blogger. From what I know, tech companies just give them trial periods and after that they have to return the gadget.  I learned about it during one event I was surrounded by tech bloggers and they were "showing off" to each other the phones they received for testing, like boys who show off their toy cars. And they demo the features to each other and telling "how this phone is better than that phone". It was fun.


Nuffnang was  conducting blogging contests before wherein you just have to blog about a product to win tickets to the latest film of the month. I used to win two to four tickets per month. Now I get emails to watch movie premieres, special screenings and  theater gala nights, in exchange of reviews or promoting the movie or play.  You don't only have saved money from buying tickets but you also have the chance to meet the actors and actresses! 

More about it next on the list!


Press conference, brand launching, fashion shows, backstage passes, and a chance to meet your favorite actor? YES!! Just this April I met  KC Concepcion in her birthday party/launch of KC's Closet at Le Jardin. I can say that it was my most comfortable and chill blogger's conference. Aside from the French garden ambience of the place and the limited number of bloggers invited, the actress wasn't rushing and she was very open to one-to-one interviews.
Movie or concert presscons give you a chance to meet and ask the actors about their roles, favorite songs/scenes, love life, favorite food, anything! But trust me you won't get the hang of it easily because you'll be star struck . In the end, you'll just take a picture with them at least, and tell them "I'm such a fan!". Oh, you just let your inner fan girl out. Haha.

5) GIFT CERTIFICATES AND/OR DISCOUNTS                                       
They are usually included in the loot bags but sometimes they are given after you were invited for a restaurant review or won in the event raffle. Most of them are P500-P1000 worth of gift certificates to restaurants, clothing, shoes, bags, facial and massage services.  Share the GCs or use them before they expire!

It's uncommon to receive cash but I did receive once from an event I choose not to disclose. All I can say is they had lots of sponsors and their budget is huge. However, some top bloggers are getting paid in cash to mention, feature, blog, or tweet  the company's product.

7) FOOD 

Last, but not the least, and apparently the thing that is always free in every event: FOOD! Ever since I got invited to events, there is always food in either buffet cocktails style or plated depending on the type of event. They serve food before the program starts so you better go early to the place. If the event is at 6pm and you don't want to spend on dinner, arrive there on or before 6:30pm, freshen up, save a seat for yourself, then survey what's on the buffet table. Take your time to eat and mingle with other bloggers. Usually the programs starts an hour after the time written on the invitation. If you arrive there past 7pm, not only you have to endure your hunger until the program ends that is, if the catering is still there or if there are food left, but you also might miss a lot of things like meeting new people.

These are some common stuff that bloggers get. If you're new in the blogging industry, you might get one or few of these in the future.

I hope this post will be helpful to newbie bloggers! I'll make more posts like this soon! Comment what you want to know next!


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