Apr 20, 2015

3 Quick Tips on Hair Extensions (by Flaired Hair Extensions)


Forever short-haired girls (like me) have this inner wish: have that long hair when we wanted to . Whether you have thin strands, or it frames your face better, or you just chose to be that way (because it's ALWAYS hot), admit it, once in a while we dreamed of getting our hair braided like Elsa or Katniss, or simply put it up in a pony ala Ariana Grande. 

We're glad there are hair extensions.  Instead of waiting for months, hair extensions makes it quick for us to have that long locks for  birthday parties, wedding, any special occasion or just when you want them to!

But what do we know about this thing? Here's a quick guide on choosing the best hair extensions!
1. Choose your hair


There are three types of hair material used for hair extensions: the synthetic hair, animal hair and human hair. The fancy wigs are usually made of synthetic, and quite itchy. Animal hair is coarser and thicker than human hair and not very suitable for fine hairs. 

Human hair extensions are the best, of course, since it blends well to your hair. You can treat it like your own and do whatever you want like twirl, braid, cut, color and perm! How convenient is that!

2. Choose your attachments                            

Hassle-free instant long locks are just a clip away! Clip-on hair extensions are the best since you can remove and put it on anytime by yourself.
  Other methods such as gluing, sewing and braiding require tools, if not professional help, in order to make them stay.
 You can choose whether single clip or multi-clip.

3. Choose your hair extension thickness

Yes! Not only the length and the color, but also if it's single-drawn or double-drawn. Single drawn is v-shaped, like that of layered hair. If you order 20 inches of hair, only 10% of them are 20 inches, the rest is shorter. While the double-drawn, all strands have the same length from root to tip.

These are just basics and it is suggested that you consult hair extensions producers regarding what other tips on choosing hair extensions. Surely, these extensions not only would give you extra hair but also an added flair!
My dear short-haired ladies, this is how your fave celebrities jump off from short hairstyle to a longer one. And these ladies too, using Flaired Hair Extensions!


For more information about Flaired Hair Extensions, you may visit their Facebook page via http://fb.com/flairedhairextensions or follow them on Instagram via @flairedhairextensions. With only PHP 3500, you can already have your 20 inches of full head, double drawn human hair extensions for longer, fuller hair just like your own.


About Flaired Hair Extensions:
Flaired Hair Extensions is a Filipino brand of hair extensions that offer human hair in one-piece clip-on format, which makes getting longer and fuller hair easier. Our products include human hair extensions (PHP 3,500 for 20 inches and PHP4,500 for 26 inches, free shipping) and human hair bangs (PHP1,000, free shipping). Some of our celebrity clients are Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes and Kim Chiu. Flaired has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and the ABS-CBN News Channel.



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