Apr 28, 2015

5 Reasons to go SPEED DATING (featuring Chérir Life Events)

If dating makes you already feel awkward and nervous, what more if you put some "speed" to it? Don't get intimidated easily but instead, take this like a challenge! Here are some of the reasons you might want to get into this style of dating.


Once you've gone into numerous, casual dating, sometimes it gets boring and you want to try the other stuff. Speed dating has all the basics of a casual date but with twists!  Some would add few variations or set up activities based on the theme, but with one goal: taking dating into a more upbeat and fun way, romance still included!


2. Lots of fish in the sea!
"The Bachelorette" feels
It's probably the top advantages of speed dating; the more, the merrier! You've got  a maximum of month's worth of choices  and you have all chance to talk to each other (not just stare at them okay)!
Organizers would set up bunch of participants with the same age brackets, hobbies, affiliations or favorites to make sure your choices are within your standards. You'll meet geeks, yuppies, writers, overachievers, romantic moviegoers and much more, in ONE NIGHT! What a catch!


3. It's under TIME PRESSURE!

You know that it takes less than 5 minutes to decide if we fancy someone? So if you're on a hurry and you want to know if the two of you would have SPARKS, then engage to a conversation and see what the person is into. In speed dating you are usually given 3-4 minutes,so it's a challenge for you to tell about yourself and know a person given a small amount of time! Well, that's really a good thing taking into account a bunch of people you got to meet in an instant!

You'll probably have a script of things about yourself, but after that you can't help but to go with the flow of the conversation. You being a dog-lover might not look cute to everyone, so sometimes you get the unexpected reactions and comebacks from people. You can't have a time to check the background profiles of people so you can't be as prepared. Sometimes you get shocked on how you can handle shy people, and feel weird around extroverts. Nevertheless, all of you will be surely caught off guard!

5.  There's a SPEED DATING EVENT under the STARS!
Of course, my list would be in vain if there won't be an event about it , so here it goes.
I previously covered the speed dating event of Chérir Life Events at Cafe Ysabel. Now they'll be organizing one at the Verona Roof deck of Privato Hotel in Shaw Blvd. ! 
Oh come on, I can only imagine the breathtaking feeling of cold summer night, dating under the stars with fellow bachelor and bachelorettes!  Single ladies and gentlemen from ages 23-25 are welcome to join! Just contact Cherir Life Events on Facebook or from the details below!


 You might just find your lucky star! See you there!



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