Aug 11, 2016

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It's always a problem to me what bag to carry during a certain event or point in my life like when I was still in school. For someone who leaves home at six in the morning and back at six in the evening five times a week, I don't have much time to rest and prepare for the next day. I make it a point that all my stuff are in that one bag that I will carry throughout the whole semester!
I don't even care if my bag matches my outfit of the day (lol), as long as I got all I need in it. 
Functionality is still greater than fashion for me.

Only this semester, I'll be having my internship. My fashion will be limited to business or corporate attire. Since I won't be carry that much aside from my internship essentials like make-up, gadgets, pen, wallet, umbrella, emergency kit and files, I would be needing a just a right-size bag which could just fit all these. Yet, the bag must also look professional and should be sturdy enough to last.

Good thing I discovered , an online store in the Philippines that have lots of good finds!
 They gave me a chance to purchase a bag that could fit my needs. Look what I got!

The Tassel PU High Quality Leather Material Hand bag in black is easy to carry and made of high quality leather. The design is simple with chain and tassel designs, professional-looking and elegant.
The bag is also available in red, white and natural beige. So you could choose what matches your style best.

 According to the website, the bag has 34cm height (approx 13 inches) and 36cm length (approx 14 inches). This bag could fit well my documents and folders I've been preparing before I start my internship.

I've been using it for a week now, and as you've observed in the past few days it has been raining really hard in the metro but this bag did a good gob in keeping my stuff dry and cooperate when I'm just throwing things inside or getting my umbrella. 

The catch? It's is available at a discounted price of P250 in ! It could be your next online fashion shop for cheap quality finds !

Let me give you a closer look!

It has a smooth textured body design. If you look at its other colors on the website, you'll see the design clearly.

What I also like about this is the approximately two-inch deep allowance from the edge to the zipper.
Whenever my umbrella got wet, I hesitate to put it immediately in the bag because it might get my stuff wet or make the inside of the bag smell awful. With this design, I could just zip the bag and put my moist umbrella on the top of the zipper, without worrying of it falling off since it is deep enough to hold it!

A long, wide-mouth zipper lets you put various things and makes the bag flexible to any shapes and sizes it can contain. The inside is lined with gray cloth, with a little zippered pocket where I put my important things. 

For your online shopping needs, check out ! Aside from really good items ranging from fashion, tech, home appliances, beauty products and more, they have various forms of payment (cash on delivery, bank deposit, credit card, gcash) and delivers within 3-7 business days for Metro Manila and 7-14 business days outside Metro Manila.

My internship needs don't have to cost much for a quality product! Just like me, you can get more of what you paid for by trying online shopping, especially this rainy day season!

 Happy online shopping Philippines!



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