Jul 25, 2016

Chef Next Door Season 2 Launch at Le Jardin

Being invited to dine and jam with Chef Jonas Ng and fellow bloggers and press people was at first a vague idea. No question about food, like who doesn't like free food? But a rockeoke party featuring rock songs of the 80s? I thought some people would be too shy and lazy to get up to their seats and actually sing. (That's why bloggers love to sit behind a laptop and write, isn't it?) Like who are confident enough to unleash their golden voice around 50 people?
Guess what? I think me, probably the youngest in the crowd, was apparently a KJ! HAHA!

I initially couldn't think of a rock party within a dainty place.The venue is nowhere else but at the chef's upscale restaurant, Le Jardin. If you haven't been here, you should know that it's a French-garden themed restaurant at the Penthouse level of W Fifth Building, overlooking the city. That's why Le Jardin has been a great events place for launches (it was my first time during KC's Closet launch), debuts and special occasions, because they are in a unique location with an elegant ambiance. 

Well, you see they set up a stage for a band and there are stations of food brands that Chef Jonas approves and will be featured in his show. 

Chef Next Door Season 2 will be WITTIER, FUNNIER...and SEXIER
I think they forgot to mention that he it will be CHARMING though... *clears throat*
Clearly, it's not hard not to fall in love....with the show. 

Anyway, did I tell you about the food? Chef Jonas is definitely a guy you can talk to about different things and sure it is, his preference on food brands is local and exceptional! Let me show you the array of food! 

Everyone took home bags of WIT'S Sweets and Savouries Pinoy Granola and I am telling you it is perfect with a bowl of milk or yogurt for breakfast! It also has local ingredients like roasted cocoa and green mangoes.

Karen's Kitchen is the cake station with flavors you kinda don't expect.

Apart from the cheesecakes and carrot cakes, they have Pink Guava and Zucchini cake! That violet one is called "Nifty Shades of Ube"

Kudos to Baguio Craft Brewery for their craft beers with coffee notes and another with caramel. Their beers are light (7.5% and 6.3% a.b.v. if I am not mistaken) so no one got extremely drunk, everyone is chill, but their booze made people dance and have fun! 

Who doesn't want a tub full of ice cream? Fog City's ice cream also have a variety of flavors that gives us a break from the usual plain chocolates and vanillas. Look at that Ensaymada flavored ice cream!

I got the Calamansi Pili which is refreshingly sour with pili nuts! My friend Shai got the Ferrero Rocher with Nutella Swirl which could give someone a sugar rush in just one scoop. 

What's a party without our favorite pork? It seems Chef Jonas is a meat-lover. He kept on mentioning bacon during interviews. 
Here's a plate of lechon from Leonardo's Lechon! You should also check them out in the show!

Everyone's enjoying the food and the view, and suddenly it's the all-around host Migz Anzures on mic! 
I say "all-around" because he is literally all around the area chatting with everyone, asking about the food, drinking with early drinkers. If he isn't holding a mic and telling everyone not to be shy and to try out the food, he would be easily mistaken as just a very friendly handsome guest. 

Where is your Mr. Congeniality sash, Migz? 

All eyes and ears now for the raffle! They were raffling SALADMASTER kitchen utensils and equipment. Chef Jonas shared that he's been using the brand ever since he was young cooking with his mom. 

To add to the fun, there was also a karaoke challenge to four bloggers who participated.
No persuasion needed because apparently this is what they came for apart from the food! Haha! 

After a few Backstreet Boys and Spice Girl songs, the people was indeed on their feet on what will happen next. Migz introduced the Chef Next Door -Chef Jonas Ng!

Known as the executive chef of Huat Pot Hot Pot in Greenhills and Le Jardin, he had 10 years of experience including rigorous training in the kitchen which he showcased in Season 1. Calling himself a Ninjedi (ninja + jedi), we'll see more of his #chefninjamoves and his personally approved products we saw earlier, in the Season 2 of Chef Next Door

Here with him are the brand owners/managers of Baguio Craft Brewery, Leonardo's Lechon and Karen's Kitchen!

Behind the chinito look and witty remarks, Chef Jonas really believes in fun at work. 
As an HRIM student, I took the chance of asking him his rules in the kitchen. 
He said that whenever there are problematic situations in the kitchen, he tells his staff to think that they are cooking for someone they love. "Always cook with love". And he believes that if an animal gave up its life just to give you food, make it the best. "Make it the best in a way that the animal in heaven would say "I am that steak!"."

A good-looking chef with a charming personality that could teach you cooking hacks and how to produce restaurant-quality food? 
That's not all.

Chef Jonas can sing. Like he really do.
What more can you ask for?
(^Well,most of the girls answered "a date!")

That's The Bloomfields over there! 

I suppose I already made a point in telling you that Chef Jonas Ng is definitely the guy to entertain you on  Lifestyle (Sky and Destiny Ch 52 )

Wednesdays at 9:30PM, 
Thursdays at 1:00AM,
 Saturdays 6:00PM,
 Sundays 10:00AM, 
Mondays at 3:30PM, 
Tuesdays at 12:00MN
Chef Next Door Season 2!

Chef Next Door is a joint production venture by The Group Entertainment and iSnap Creatives.

It was a fun and food-filled night! Best event ever so far! Thanks for inviting me!



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