May 28, 2015

E.L.F Lipstick in Fearless Review

                          Yay! After a month-long break I'm back for a lippie review!
        I've been buying E.L.F products now since it's relatively cheap and has good quality especially in eye makeup and lip products. In here I'll review my current favorite shade among their lipstick products, Fearless.

I bought it from Watson's at Php130. Although price may vary in some stores, I guess it is the max price of this.


                           I love the packaging! It's lightweight and the silver color makes it look posh. But the e.l.f. logo come off though when put in the bag with other things. The minor problem would be the tacky twist tube. Just be careful not to damage your lipstick!

Sleek and simple packaging. I prefer this than others who uses black. It's more posh.


Smells like candy! I even let my friends smell this and they would say they want to eat it haha!


It's like the crayon RED. Like Taylor Swift's Red. And coincidentally Fearless is one of her songs haha. It suits fair-skinned with warm undertones well but also morenas too!


Light, glides easily, good coverage and it lasts even when it comes off when you eat, it still leaves a
matte but distinct color on your lips. I want the lasting lipsticks since I'm always busy at school and don't have time to retouch. Plus, the shade is very staining you really don't have to put on so much!

                                                       OVERALL VERDICT                                                                 
                                                                   10/10 !

The shade for me is just perfect. I love red and this, so far, is the best shade of red I had. Perfect for the red lippie hunters out there! And considering the price, it's worth it! Will definitely buy again for other shades since this shade makes a statement and sometimes I would want the fresh look, not to look overdone.

They have 12 shades in their e.l.f. essentials lipstick collection, and you only have to do is to pick the shades that will suit your skin tone.

Watch out for more reviews! Will be posting more soon as I catch up on my midyear break!

Love lots,


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