Nov 14, 2016

Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine featuring ProYoung Ph

 What you know: Koreans are well-known to have good skin.
What you don't know: That there's a Korean 10-step skincare routine!

Secret's out. They actually spend a lot of time putting on a pile of skincare products and not just putting on whatever vial is in front of them. Instead, these certain products consisting of organic and powerful anti-aging and whitening ingredients, are carefully applied on their skin in proper sequence to be more effective.

And because you're very special to me (naks), I will share to you the Korean 10-step skincare routine using the ProYoung (formerly SeriAsia) products. We were invited to their skin artistry event last month and taught us the routine using their product set that is well-suited to achieve Korean beauty. They also use ingredients extracted from nature and are well-known for their anti-aging and whitening properties.

10-step routine means 10 skin care products to put everyday?!?
Not really! But I know it could take a lot of time.

Read on to know more!

Products to be used are (Top-bottom, L-R) ProYoung's VitaOil, Enzyme Cleanse, Chakra Crystal, Whitelity Essence, Whitelity Complex, Wood Mask, Vitamin E Cream and Sun-Defense Foundation (as tinted sunscreen)

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