May 29, 2015

#NoLimitWithInipit: Truffula Tree Potted Dessert

If you're a fan of Martha Stewart, maybe you've seen her "Potted Choco pudding with Mint sprigs" dessert. It's one of the inspirations of this but here I decided to play with an animated movie and/or a children's story to make it more fun looking!

Does the Truffula tree sound familiar? It's from the movie, The Lorax!
Remember that soft and fluffy tree that the Once-ler used for making a thneed?
Photo credit here
With that inspiration, plus cotton candy on wafer stick, and couple of Lemon Square's Inipit cakes, I was able to make this Truffula tree potted dessert!

Truffula Tree Potted Dessert Recipe
For the Chocolate Pudding

1 tbsp of clear, unflavored gelatin
2 tbsp cold water
2 tbsp boiling water

1 1/2 tbsp sugar
1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. In a bowl, sprinkle the unflavored gelatin over cold water for 1 minute.

2. While waiting, mix in another bowl the sugar and cocoa powder.
3. Pour boiling water over the gelatin mixture. Mix until the gelatin is dissolved.
4. Incorporate the sugar and cocoa mixture to the gelatin mixture. Add vanilla extract.
You can also put 1 tbsp of milk for creamier texture.
5. Cool down a bit. Put in a clear glass then refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

So while you're cooling the pudding, we'll prepare the layers of Inipit cakes!

I can still remember well when this product was launched way back in 2003, I was in Grade Three and we were given free samples of Inipit cakes during one of our breaks. There were only 2 flavors of Inipit back then, the custard flavor and the chocolate flavor, and my classmates were getting the chocolate of course. The samples are being passed front to back and since I was seated at the back before, I got the custard one.

Until now my mom still buys Inipit cakes for my little brother for school (which is incoming Grade Three this year! What a coincidence!). And now it has variety of flavors, but never loses the same quality and texture that the kids love!

In this recipe I used their chocolate flavor for the "dirt" and the pandan flavor for the "grass".

After the gelatin solidified, all you have to do is to crumble the chocolate cake first, then layer it to the pudding then crumble the pandan cake and put it on top of the chocolate cake. I used one pack only for each cakes.

Look at those layers! Cute!

Now to get that Truffula tree topper, you must search the whole city for the cotton candy man or you can buy the packed cotton candy in supermarkets.
I know. I just figured out that that exist. What a relief!
However, it's not as pink as the one's from the machine. So I suggest you start the quest for that cotton candy man!

Once you got your cotton candy, make sure that your hands are dry since they are hydrophilic (they love water so much), then get a wafer stick and form a ball on top. Then carefully "tease" the ball of cotton candy, pinch it outwards, to create the volume/ fluffy effect. So it is better if you put more cotton candy then "remove" by pinching to create that effect.
I hope you understood me guys!

When you got your desired fluffiness of the cotton candy, poke the cake-pudding at the center with the wafer stick with cotton candy to make it look like a plant.

Truffula tree potted dessert!
It looks so fluffy!!!!!

Few notes:
  •  You can put other "plants" like candy flowers, marshmallow flowers in toothpicks , gummy worms etc. for that garden theme.
  • How cute this is for a themed birthday or event but cotton candy won't last too long since it will melt due to the humidity and being hydrophilic. In fact, mine just collapsed after this photoshoot. So my brother has an excuse to eat it right away. Haha.
  • How to eat: Well, one way is to eat the cotton candy first or with the wafer stick, then the cake-pudding. Or you could mix all of them. Kids will surely have no trouble with that.

Making it made me feel like I'm being a kid again,... the children story, the cute plant thing, and Inipit cakes!
Sarap maging kid with Inipit!
With Inipit cakes, you can be more creative and do more because there's #NoLimitWithInipit

Can you make great desserts too using Inipit cakes?
You can join this contest too!
Love lots,

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