Dec 19, 2014

Love Actually Speed Dating Event

One of the few things you want to receive this holiday season; not just about the bags, shoes, concert tickets or money, it's love actually.

  NAILED IT! Haha!
 Anyway, last November 29, Saturday, I was invited to see how this speed dating works courtesy of Cherir Life Events in Love Actually: A Christmas Speed Dating Night.
 Participated by 20 pairs of young, single male and female professionals, ages 25-35, this event is just perfect for the nearing Christmas season, even picking a romantic place like Cafe Ysabel for the said event.

Ever since I handled a function, I can't help but notice a resto's interior!

 It was a new and exciting experience for me to observe how this happen real time. I didn't have a clue of how this would work and what happens later. I'm just familiar to those dating we used to see in movies, so lame and scripted situation, usually by teen couples.

Well here I got to see a real deal in a faster way so... I really don't know! Haha!

So to break the ice, they did a Strings Attached challenge where in ladies and gents were given a string and they have to find their match and should tie the strings to their index fingers.

After that the participants looked less awkward to each other, so the speed dating follows.

Each of pairs were given four minutes to get to know each other. Once the time allotted is over, you move to the next person.

Sparks or friends? You decide! But it has to be mutual though. You are not allowed to exchange contact numbers/info unless you're a match. But with the given time you can exchange names, work and little something about yourselves.

  During that time the room was filled with different "dating talks". You know, like one pair look like at ease with each other they laugh everytime, while the other are so discreet they look like discussing business instead of dating! Haha!

       Lucky I was just observing and taking pictures, because being a participant would really make me nervous. Under time pressure type of dating, meeting 20 new and different people all at the same night, and realizing how well you are in remembering those 20 names, oh well, I think it's a fun challenge too. I see that some participants were very good in keeping up the conversation while some were experiencing dead air moments.

After the speed dating proper, the participants were told to sit back and relax (Hey! It's tiring too!) while watching some clips from the movie "Love Actually" while the organizers are tallying the scores and later on, will award the guy and girl with most number of "sparks".

     Since I'm just going around and taking pictures, I happen to talk with some of the participants regarding their experience after the event. Some guys said that it was really a challenge to remember the names, and all they can remember are the tiny bits of everyone.
However, interesting thing I heard from women is that the length of the "dating time" varies to the person. If they like the person, they find too short 'cause they want to talk more.

Nevertheless, the participants seem to enjoy the event. No pressure! Just meeting new people and making new friends right? It's just a bonus if you happen to have match but then, end of the day, it's all about fun and experience! And participants who got most number of "sparks"got to take home chocolates too. And all of them got calamansi cupcakes from The Citrus Baker!

Is it a match? 

Hope these ladies and gents won't be alone this holiday season. Who knows? Maybe they have found their match!

Stay updated for more speed dating events! Visit Cherir Life Events Facebook page! :)




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