Jul 11, 2014

Ayosdito.ph iBall 2014

 Another event full of media and bloggers, AyosDito.ph iBall 2014 was an interactive appreciation party to let the community and users know more about our trusty buy and sell site. 

I've been invited to this gathering two years ago but I wasn't available that time, but now I wouldn't miss the chance! Last year we've been using this site to buy a car and I'm one of the most interested to know how everything goes in there. Aside from that, it was hosted by the internet action star Ramon Bautista (seeing him in UP wasn't easy though haha XD), Jojo the Love Survivor (of Magic 89.9), and Boys Night Out DJs Tony Toni, Slick Rick and Sam YG!

The event was held at Alphatent, Alphaland Tower. The whole place was surrounded by pinoy themed graffiti walls by visual artist Jose Gabriel. I also liked the food. It's simple with pinoy theme but varied and tasted really good!

Opening flash mob by La Salle Dance Company Street

Hosts: Jojo the Love Survivor and Sir Ramon Bautista

Hosts: Tony Toni, Slick Rick and Sam YG (Boys Night Out)

The hosts gave a good laugh for everyone. I can't remember taking my eyes off these fun people. Everybody seemed to enjoy the night with jokes, pick-up lines and banats!

Opening remarks by Rebecca Ricalde, Marketing Manager

They had an AVP presentation about the events organized and/or initiatives by AyosDito.ph. One of the most popular would be the TFTFZero, AyosDito in LaBoracay, AyosDito sa OneVibePH, among others.

One reason to go was because they're raffling GoPro, Instax Minis, G-shock watches, Loudbasstards, and Vonzipper Sunglasses and certificates! Imagine our thrill when they were going through the names of who will win the GoPros! They had that game wherein you have to guess the price of the item and the closest bid will win a special prize. Also there was a game where guests should find an item on AyosDito.ph that Sir RB and Jojo describes. The first one to find and shout "AyosDito" will also get a prize!

One of the winners: Ms. Ruth of Ruthilicious blog

Beatbox performace. This is so awesome!

Q&A segment between Rebecca Ricalde, Jon Santico and Boys Night Out

They also emphasized the commitment of the AyosDito team to make transactions safe for the buyers and sellers by reviewing the ads placements. Scams are very common in buy and sell sites so it was really hard to shop online. Thankfully, these assurance by the team make me excited to visit the site again to shop. I heard that Tony Toni's frequently sells his stuff in AyosDito.ph!

In the end, we were invited for the free flowing drinks with music by DJ Inno. Time for the real party!

DJ Inno in the house!

Sad to say, I must go home that night. I have an exam the next day so I just had photo ops with the hosts!

Me with Tony Toni

Me with Sam YG

Me with Sir RB!
I also had the chance to get my friend's "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?" book signed. We don't (have time to) stalk Sir RB in UP that's why.

Really enjoyed being with fellow bloggers and media people!
Thanks AyosDito.ph and Nuffnang.com.ph!

'Til next!


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