May 28, 2014

Birthday Buffet at DADS!

Birthdays only come once in a year so I better make the most out of it. So my family decided to take advantage of the birthday buffet promo at DADS for my 19th birthday. Almost all buffet restos have this promo where the birthday celebrant could have a free buffet either on the day of their birthday or within the week. At DADS, you can avail of it everyday, Lunch and Dinner, within the week of your birthday, that "3days before until 3 days after your birthday" promo. It's a good deal since their lunch buffet rate is just P488/pax (promo rate in SM Megamall with crossover to Saisaki and Kamayan, where we ate.) I just brought a copy of my birth certificate and filled out a form after to avail of the promo.

They open at 11am in Megamall. We came there about 11:30 and there were already a lot of people. We didn't call for reservation though but thankfully there are still seats available.

DADS World buffet offers a lot of foreign cuisines as much as Filipino food.
Since I'm a meat lover, I indulged with different meat selections around like lechon, crispy pata, roasted turkey, roast beef, katsus, dumplings and many more.

Sushi lovers would surely love this alley. I'm not really fond of sushi  but I tried some and especially that Lipstain (?), it's that sushi with cherry on top, I found it cute somehow.

Oh and they also have seafoods like clams, snails and oysters but since I don't fancy them that much and because of allergies, I haven't paid much attention to them. But my parents tried them and told me they're good!

Of course, my favorite part of any buffet are the dessert selections! Me and my li'l bro ate around 4 scoops of ice creams aside from these desserts below. Hoho.

Frozen desserts! (Coffee jelly, chocolate mousse, etc.)

They have like 4 whole cakes aside from their bite-sized cake slices.
And you can also see that chocolate fountain, that was blockbuster! Actually the marshmallows, they disappear in a snap. Haha!

I like this cake tower. I would want this at home. Elegant. And yummy. Haha!

Tip: Don't eat breakfast if you'll eat in a buffet resto. And take your time while eating.
And look around you! You might spot a famous person around! We spot Paeng Nepomuceno eating when we're leaving!

It's really a good treat to spend your birthday lunch/dinner at these kinds of buffet resto. You just need at least one paying adult with you to avail of the promo. Especially if you're with someone, and divide the cost, then you just ate buffet lunch at P244! And no service charge!

How about you? Where did you spend your birthday?


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