Feb 4, 2016

Like to bike? Move to love.:Lakbay2Love

This is not your ordinary "travel-and-love" type of love story. Lakbay2Love makes you appreciate nature while falling in love and supporting a movement! For the past few years, we've been aware of the proposal to use bike as a mode of transportation instead of cars, especially if you're living near your office or school. This not only helps in decreasing pollution and traffic congestion, biking is also a form of exercise that's good for our mind and body.

Lakbay2Love started as an idea about seven years ago, as told by the director Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, but didn't push through until Typhoon Yolanda happened. She wanted to promote biking not only as a hobby or a sport but also as a tool to save the environment  "one pedal at a time".
Concert set-up at UP Amphitheater. (Photo grabbed from Lakbay2Love FB page.)
Last January 29 was the "green carpet" outdoor premiere of Lakbay2Love at UP Amphitheater. It's a grass-covered area, and we're told to bring mats to sit on.   It was such a very chill experience, sitting and lying on the grass under the open sky, makes us appreciate the theme of the movie even more.  We really feel like we're one with nature! Lakbay2Love is the first bike movie in the Philippines, and the first to hold a green carpet premiere. Needless to say, they just proved every point of their purpose.
Dennis and Solenn join bikers for a bike ride around UP Acad Oval.
 (Photo grabbed from Lakbay2Love FB page.)
 The event started with a bike ride led by Dennis Trillo and Solenn Heusaff and the UP Bike Share community. The concert featuring bands from UP Music Circle, artist Joey Ayala and Solenn and Dennis sang featured songs in the movie, while the night gets dark enough to watch the movie.

BYOBBBB (Bring Your Own Bike, Baon, Banig, Bae!) Viewers bring their own food and mats (and love ones) while watching.
"Gusto kong matutong mag-bike" in the tune of Overdrive. Dennis and Solenn singing songs from the movie.
Director Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil with the lead stars, telling about the story behind the movie.

Lakbay2Love is a chill movie, a breath of fresh air. It won't make your heart ache, instead you'll be moved. The scenes will take you to different bike trails where nature is thriving while the characters show you that travelling to these places could be more exciting with biking.  I like how Solenn and Dennis kept it natural and light. The blend of the (love) story and the purpose was smooth. For one, actual bikers from different organizations were there, even the lead characters are into biking in real life. It gets to the viewers the effects of biking not only physically, environmentally but also emotionally. Those who want to improve their well-being in a thrilling way won't miss the chance to get the habit of biking.
 The ending does not disappoint!  I'm sure you'll watch until the credits!

I just want to grab a bike and a friend and go to the places they've been! I also learned a lot about  bikes in general and the organizations and events associated with biking. You'll also reminisce those times you've fallen in love and you've fallen out of your bike! Haha!

After the movie, they raffled the Trek bikes used in the movie! Lucky for those who got them!
Grab your dates and your friends and don't forget to drop by the theaters this February 3 and experience another kind of coming of age, travel love story through biking!
 Be part of the movement to save Mother Nature, one pedal at a time. Watch Lakbay2Love starring Dennis Trillo, Solenn Heusaff and Kit Thompson. Directed by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil. Film by Erasto Films, with the participation of UP Bike Share and The Firefly Brigade.

Movie buddy! Thanks to this girl for being my companion and photographer for the night! 

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