Apr 10, 2016

KC's Closet: Pre-Loved Fashion for a Cause

More than just peeking inside a celebrity's closet, you'll be able to pick and shop pre-loved luxury items, at a discount, and give meals to children!
KC Concepcion's passion for fashion along with United Nation's World Food Program (WFP),
  re-opened KC's Closet to more convenient and secure shopping experience with an advocacy to provide nutritious meals to school children in Mindanao area.

The intimate gathering of media and bloggers took place last April 6 at Le Jardin, BGC. It was one day before KC's birthday so it was like an early birthday treat!
KC studied fashion in Paris and Le Jardin, a French-garden inspired restaurant, is just fit for the event!

DJ Bea Fabregas of RX 93.1 hosted the event

Me and my mom likes singing Sharon Cuneta's songs every karaoke session and needless to say, I was told of how famous the Sharon-Gabby love team during their time. Their daughter KC Concepcion is considered a showbiz royalty, blessed with the beautiful genes of her parents and the spotlight for fame. Despite all these things, KC chose to study fashion in Paris on her own during her early years, and when she came back, she uses her fame in good use by supporting a cause and being the WFP's National Ambassador Against Hunger for 8 years.

Okay, I was just thrilled to see the birthday girl!
Here she is!

KC's Closet started as a celebrity bazaar, but as to reach more people and internationally, KC uploaded her items for auction in E-Bay. This year, they relaunched a new home in KCSCLOSET.COM , a more personal and independent site for KC's preloved items.

 " I think I have the same problem as every other celebrity. What are we gonna do with these clothes?!? We can't wear them again. So instead of just giving it away, why not sell it online and use the proceeds to help the children."

These items are only used once at the least, and they are authentic and luxury brands that were used in guestings, hostings, special occasions, travelling around the world, or in her scenes in TV and movies. Every item represents a memory of KC's life, on and off the camera.

There's only one piece of every item! For every purchase of pre-loved items in KC's Closet, you'll be able to provide school meals to Filipino children in Mindanao. They use food as an incentive for these children to attend and stay in school.

Her sizes range from XS, S and M and shoes around size 37 (of a Giuseppe Zannoti heels!!! I AM SIZE 39 THIS IS SAD :( ) but don't you worry ! Soon, other celebrities will be invited to join and sell their items at KC's Closet so keep yourself updated!

Simple, elegant KC poses for the media
Meeting her that day was a great pleasure for me!  This event made us knew more about her than just being an "on screen royalty actress" and I am very glad to share some info to readers and fans!


 Button-down polos and good pair of jeans!
She told us that she wears three-colors the most. Yes we counted the colors she was wearing that day and it is true enough. :) No wonder though, elegance and simplicity were innate to her being a Manila-Paris raised woman.

KC looks forward to exploring the mountains and peaks of the Philippines and in fact already visited some of them!

None! Haha like "Wala naman" daw. She just surrounds herself with good and positive people and friends.
But yeah, she makes sure that she "moves" during the day, like a 15-minute walk or jog.

Her "the one".....

...should find her and sweep her off her feet! KC says she has a positive outlook on her love life this year. And well, she also wishes that KC's Closet will be a success and will be able to help more children!

Let us make that wish come true!
Visit www.kcscloset.com to shop and support her fashion for a cause project!
KC and Me!
All the love!


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