Jun 7, 2015

Project Runway Philippines Season 4

The prestigious search for the next Filipino fashion designer is back with new set of contestants, new guest judge and new power!

Are you excited for Project Runway Philippines Season 4?

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Jun 3, 2015

Styles Studio Salon & Spa in Banawe St.

Let's face it. We are in constant search of a salon we can really swear by. A one-stop place for our pampering needs, a hair stylist that knows the best cuts and color for our hair, applying quality products, and affordable.
Looks like I might have found one.
Read on girls, Styles Studio Salon and Spa might be your next relaxing retreat.

Styles Studio Salon & Spa is located at Antonia Mansion, #690 Banawe St., Brgy. Siena, Quezon City. It's beside BPI Amoranto branch and in front of North Park.
 We had a couple of turns around the area just to find the place, but once you found it. You're in for a treat!

First off, they have nice interiors. It looks clean and organized. You can feel the studio theme.
Reception area
The place is not too big, just enough for a handful of customers. So I suggest that you go there early or set a schedule. Plus, parking might be a problem.

Hair services area

 This is my fave area. The foot spa couches! Other salons just have this little chairs and washbasins. Here the sink is attached to the floor, you have enough room for your things while watching TV and having your foot spa.

Foot Spa area

Products they use
Colorful nail polishes and swatches!

A blogger invited me to try out their services at a P500 discount. I'm with my family that time since I have a fashion event later that day too, so they also tried their services. We all had Styles Studio Signature Foot Spa and Pedi (P349), then for my hair, Hair Color Loreal (P799) , my mom had Hair Color Ordinary (P499).

It was my first time to get my hair colored so I was bit scared of how I'll look like after. But I was really excited to see the results!

Okay that's my BEFORE look. Remember. You'll be surprised later. HAHA.

I just wanted a natural looking color to start, so I chose only among the brown shades. My choices was the Dark Brown Intensive or the Medium Brown Intensive. I chose the latter (like Jessica Alba's) but the stylist told me that my hair is so black and if I want to achieve the Medium Brown Intensive, I should pick the Light Brown Intensive instead.
 At first I hesitated, since I think it's like brown-blonde, then I realized that he surely knows about it so I agreed.

 He also offers to have my hair cut. Again, I hesitated since I'm not really into changing my hair style, then I agreed, but HONESTLY, he really did cut my hair... and I didn't notice the change and lived up his promise of just "styling" or "trimming" my hair!! So happy!
Seriously, how many hair stylist just broke that "trimming"promise before, right?

My mom getting her pedi and haircut.
 Contrary to my mom, she really wanted a short cut. But we were in a hurry that time so she didn't had the chance to have it cut shorter after the coloring. But my mom and my dad loved their foot spa. Hmmm it's my turn to see why!

Well they have multiple steps in their signature foot spa, aside from foot soak and sole scrubbing, they use lots of products on your foot (in which we don't complain because they smell so nice). They have foot scrub and a foot mask, where they put it and cling wrap your leg and your leg will feel cool! Then they'll but a hot towel that relaxes your leg. Oooh. That's our fave part!

Then they'll put moisturizers which smells like bubble gum. (IT'S SO NICE!!) And starts the pedi. I picked Tahiti Brown for my nails.
After the treatment, our feet really felt soft and supple!
My parents told me that they enjoyed it too
, considering the price, it was all worth it since they really took care of your feet and put lots of products. They even said "hindi sila nagtitipid sa ginagamit nila". 
Plus, the people there are friendly, that once they knew that I have an event to attend, they were asking what color I'll be wearing so they could suggest a nail polish.

Tadah! Happy feet! I'll recommend their foot spa! A MUST-TRY!!!

Now for my hair, behold, look first at my BEFORE photo.

Okay here's my AFTER look.

When I saw it I blurted out, " my hair is so sexy, like sexier than me!!".  And the stylist was right about the hair color, and he even made sure that the color will stick to my hair.
It's a good first hair color and it feels like natural!

The verdict:
Styles Studio Salon & Spa 's services are worth every peso, not to mention they are more affordable compared to other salons in town. I could say that because I've tried other competitive and famous salons, discounted or not, and we left like we just achieved half of what we paid.
Styles Studio might be a little far from us (I'm from Pasig, BTW), but my mom and I are sure to return to this salon soon, since we could really feel the quality products and service are almost the same or even more and we get our money's worth and the pampering we like to achieve.

To know more about Styles Studio Salon & Spa, visit their Facebook Page at facebook.com/stylesstudiosalonandspa

Love lots,


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Jun 2, 2015

OutKast Paradigm X M Barretto Capsule Collection

Streetwear fashion gets more exciting and challenging now that numerous brands are getting in the hype. Creating unique designs that suits the young professionals, who wants to feel comfortable and edgy is what OutKast Paradigm brings to you by collaborating with renowned menswear designer M Barretto.

Last May 27, they presented their capsule collection among members of the press, celebrities, fashion enthusiasts, designers and models at Soma Space in Green Sun.

Nothing screams street fashion but wall graffiti

OutKast Paradigm’s founders, Lito Trinidad, Benj Bolivar, and Cris Lomotan, are long standing members of the fashion industry who have come together to encourage the importance of claiming your own style and fashion identity, as the
name OutKast Paradigm implies. After a 2-year hiatus, M Barretto joins them to create dynamic styles.

The "Anonymous" shirt

One thing I liked about their collection is the simple yet statement pieces and the comeback of jumpers and overalls. Since their target market is mostly male, but apparently some of their designs could be worn by females, those who like to have masculine streetwear in their closet should surely go visit their shop.

Currently they have 8 physical stores and online shop thru Facebook and Instagram (@outkastparadigm), where you can also view their collections and celebrities that wear their clothing such as Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Billy Crawford, James Reid and many more!

After all, they only have limited stocks for each designs, (around 15 pieces based from their IG account) that ensures you that you won't be passing the street terrified of having a double.

The model just gave us an idea what to wear when all your clothes are on laundry and you got nothing but a jacket! HAHA! But with a simple tank top you can really pull this off!

It's nice that they promote self-identity by wearing their brand. They encourage everyone to be different in their own way. As they say " It's OK to be different, it's OK to stand out. Be an OutKast!"
After all, we sometimes need a break from the trends!

Founders/Designers: M Barretto, , Benj Bolivar, Cris Lomotan and Lito
For more information and
updates follow OutKast Paradigm on Facebook (www.facebook.com/outkastparadigm) and Instagram

Love lots,


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