Mar 21, 2016


Today is exactly a year after I had my first ready-to-wear androgynous collection for a fashion design competition. That's when my designer dream came true, and I promised myself that I wouldn't stop there. After all, I used to design dresses and this time, they became real.

My cousin's wedding led me to design mine and my mom's dress for that special day. I took advantage of the occasion to encourage my mom to just let me design a dress for her and buy the fabric. Cape dresses are widely seen and worn by famous people so I decided to take my chance and my top choice of fabric is neoprene.

If you have been very observant with the fabric that some foreign and local actresses are wearing recently, you are probably familiar with how it flaunts their figures and flows smoothly. Neoprene is a quite heavy fabric (maganda ang bagsak) and has a smooth, silky finish. It hugs the body and stretches a little (which makes it different from spandex). It doesn't run so it could have seamless patterns.
No doubt, neoprene is widely used fabric for formal dresses and gowns with very minimal design. It also comes in different solid colors! But for the wedding, we bought a flesh/skin tone color and white. 

I can't wait to show you how they turned out when me and my mom wore them!

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