Dec 2, 2015

Hola España! (My Spain Itinerary)

Spanish culture has been part of Filipino lives ever since the colonial times. Going to Spain is like visiting your foster mother country that you haven't seen for years but still feel the intimate connection. Apart from the language, it is obvious that we inherited their architecture and food, thus this trip will be an appreciation of ART and GASTRONOMY! Spain was also influenced by Romans and Moorish architecture. Not only that, according to the web, the top restaurants, in fact the OLDEST RESTAURANT, in the world could be found in Spain! 
What are we waiting for? Vamos!!

Trip from Nov. 20 to Dec. 10, 2015
Departs Manila to Barcelona and leaves Madrid to Manila

Barcelona->San Sebastian/Bilbao-> Andalusia (Seville, Jerez, Granada)->Valencia->Madrid
Spanish Art + Gastronomy appreciation

Barcelona (Nov. 21-25) 
Nov. 20- Departure from Manila to Barcelona (approx 24 hours)
Nov. 21 - REST DAY

Nov. 22- Arc del Triomf

Restaurant Sant Pau by Carme Ruscalleda (Three Michelin star)
Carme Ruscalleda is said to be the only woman in Spain to receive three Michelin stars.

Nov. 23
-Parc Güell: Gaudí's Surrealist Park and Casa Batll
These colorful mosaic scenery designed by Gaudi have been used for a local magazine cover!

Nov. 24
-La Boqueria (market)

I'll pack up some local food to eat during my trip. La Boqueria is a popular market to go to!

Nov. 25
 -Madonna Concert (Palau Sant Jordi)

If you have the budget and the Queen of Pop is here? Why not?

San Sebastian-Bilbao (Nov.26-28)

Nov. 26-27-La Concha 
The most popular beach in San Sebastian!

Restaurant: Arzak (No. 17 at World's Best 50 Restaurants list in 2015)

Nov. 28
-Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum
The wave architecture was designed by Frank Gehry.
Guess what? I immediately thought of Ron Weasley. LoL #HarryPotterFanswillgetit

Restaurant: Nerua
Located in Guggenheim Museum. The entrance to the place is through the kitchen! WOW!

Seville-Jerez-Granada(nov. 29-Dec 2)

Seville: Nov.29-30
-The AlcazarThe Andalusia region was highly influenced by the Moors. The Alcazar is one of the Moorish palace built.

-Barrio Santa Cruz: Seville's Most Charming Neighborhood
Vibrant houses and cafes! 

Jerez: Dec. 1
-Learn Flamenco!

    -Sherry Production at Jerez de la FronteraAfter the knowledge I obtained during my beverage class, of course I won't pass this!

      GRANADA: Dec.2
      The Alhambra
      Another Moorish caste built in Spain.

      Valencia (Dec. 3-5)

      Dec. 3
      -City of Arts and Sciences
      Cultural and architectural complex composed of L'Oceanografic, Museu de les Ciences, Palau de les Arts, Hemisferic

      Dec. 4
      Restaurant: La Pepica
      Paella was said to be discovered in Valencia. Earnest Hemingway used to eat the dish here in La Pepica!

      Dec. 5
      Shopping at 
      Mercado de Colon
      Oh come on. How can a shopping place look like that?

      Madrid (Dec.6-8)

      Dec. 6
      -Ayuntamiento de Madrid
      This is just their CITY HALL!!! And it used to be their post office. *jaw drop*
      Spain's architectural buildings aren't just majestic, they are still functional now.

      -Puerta del Sol
      -Heart of the city. It's their zero kilometer point. (Like what Rizal Shrine to us)

        Dec. 7

        -Prado Museum
        One of the biggest museums in Europe and home to artworks of lots of artists.

        -Royal Palace
        It could rival Buckingham Palace in my opinion. But unlike the Buckingham, the royals do not reside here. Instead, this place is used for state ceremonies and such.

        Dec. 8
        -Restaurant Botin (oldest restaurant in the world)

        According to Guinness Book of World Records it's the oldest restaurant, established since 1725

        Dec. 9 -flight from Madrid to Manila

        Budget (estimated prices)

        And that's it! Hope to visit Spain soon!
        I'm already prepared for flamenco I guess! HAHA!


        Disclaimer: Photos, except the last two, are not mine. 

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