Sep 5, 2014

Holiday Styles from Philippine Fashion Week 2014

August sale just ended and September just started, it's really the holiday season for fashion!! I hope you took advantage of the sale and bought something to fill up your closet. Have you been deciding what to wear these months? Here are the designs from Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014 to help you out!

This season showcased pieces that are functional and fashionable during the wet season and for out-of-town travels. Of course, the designers each have their own takes at them and for sure you'll enjoy the variations too! Don't worry, I put a "GET THIS STYLE" tip to do them on your own!

The show starter, gold and glam never fails to impress. James Bond @ 50 theme, the pieces are embellished with gold and suited for formal gala nights and awards night.

GET THE STYLE: Your LBD plus GOLD accessories!

This is one of my faves. Black + a pop of jewel color. Elegant and breath-taking at the same time and saves hours for deciding what to wear!

GET THE STYLE: Black sweater + one-color SKIRT + BOOTS!

Black could be the lazy color during the holidays but...Hey! Here, black ensemble looks chic and mysterious. This is a pick of those who like to keep it low during travels.

GET THE STYLE: THROW IN your black outfits! Haha! The technique is to mix pieces that tell about your style. If you want to feel lady-like, opt for sheer black dress and pleated skirts. Formal, use sharp cuts like tailored jackets and skirts. Finish it off with sandals!

Reminds me of policewomen and ship captain uniforms but sexier. This is a good use of double breasted jackets, coat, crop tops and heels!

GET THE STYLE: Black crop top, coat, tailored pants and heels.

For men, sharp, tailored pieces and minimalistic take, later you'll see, it's either this or pop of colors.

GET THE STYLE: Long sleeve polos, vests, jackets and straight-cut pants.

Be comfortable in white, cream or nude! Always bring out the light and fresh feel especially here when she used soft textures and laces.

GET THE STYLE: Lace blouse or dress and nude heels.

Still on nudes and blacks but here, it's more street-style than formal wear.

GET THE STYLE: Statement sweatshirt, pants and leather shoes!

Be unique and attention grabbing with splash of colors!

GET THE STYLE: Tight shirts, lousy pants, high top boots

Play with prints and soft textures.

GET THE STYLE: Brown top and sheer animal print long skirt

EsAc by Audie Ae
Pop of one color and geometric prints! Feel so mod but the hats look very classy than preppy.

GET THE STYLE: Geometric patterned dress and black heels. Wear the hat if you can!

SO TOKYO STREET! Mustard yellow, blue, orange and brown are the colors to mix. Be playful with color blocking but still keep the wearable, casual vibe.

GET THE STYLE: Color block your jackets, shirt and pants! Be wary of the mix though! Avoid being a color wheel. : )

This one reminds me of Vietnamese fashion though. Nudes and whites for subtle lady-like feel but with embellishments to add up glam. Minus the conical hat, the dresses are perfect for formal parties and December weddings!

GET THIS STYLE: White embellished dress and nude heels

The crowd favourite, this collection shows multi-function outfits! YAY!
So if you're travelling, these are perfect space-savers!

GET THE STYLE: Invest on pieces that can be worn in many ways like a loose skirt or tube tops! And don't forget to bring a shawl or a scarf too!

Only a few weeks before the PhFW S/S 2015 and I'm looking forward to fresh Filipino designs! But for the min time, let's enjoy the holidays and these style guides.

 Be fashionable and comfy on your holiday trip!



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Aug 30, 2014

Food blog: Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties

If you're tired of the usual popcorn and iced tea before heading to the movie house in Market Market, you might want to check out this little snack bar around!


Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties serve more than just different flavors of Jamaican patties but also iced tea, shakes and drinks. They are located at the 5/F of Market Market near the cinema.

We visited this shop to try out their patties. But I was surprised to see that they also have baked mac and cookies (for the kids!).

                   Fond of spicy food? Oh you'll love their selection of beef patties! For me, I like meat but I want it cheesy so their premium best-sellers Cheeze flavor are my fave. They also have Chicken Royale, Tuna Royale and Vegetable Supreme if you're not fond of beef.


                      Jamaican patties are one of my fave snacks after the day. I just love its meat and the crunchy, flaky shell and its fits student budget whenever I need my quick lunch fix!                                          Plus it's very handy to eat whenever. Grab and go!


                      However, if you're not really in a hurry you might want to experience the Caribbean snack bar feel inside. They have some magazines if you want to stay and read, and the window/mirrors inside are cool!

    Customers usually take-out food and drinks, especially the movie-goers. While families usually stay inside to enjoy their patties. This spot where I was seated is perfect for barkadas and large groups!

Next time you visit Market, Market , stop by Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties shop and try their hot patties too!

'Til next,


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Jul 19, 2014

Don't Want An Ending: Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider in Manila!

"At  least tonight, it's just you and me and honestly, that's everything I need…"

  I don't go to concerts. Only few artists nowadays are really worth watching live I suppose. Aside from the expensive tickets, I'm very picky of  the artists; I choose those who I could look up to and will surely inspire me. Because a night with them is just for entertainment, but good memories and experiences are much more treasured long time.

  I've known these artists since 2011 but I've only got to "fangirl" over them early this year. Sam Tsui looked like my former crush and I only knew him for his version of "Jar of Hearts" and "Just a Dream" (with Christina Grimmie).  Kurt Schneider…, well, he's Kurt Schneider. He's not really that high profile person so I barely know him.
Until early this year a lot of my friends shared a video of the cover of "Counting Stars" by Alex Goot, Chrissy Constanza, and Kurt. I don't even know them back then and I haven't even heard the original song! But then I gave up and watched it and found everything; from the prod, music and direction; cool. Then here's the Let it Go/Let her Go mash-up of Sam Tsui which I also found very cleverly done. These vids on replay, a friend of mine pointed out Kurt to be her crush and told me that he's so great in instruments and has that adorable personality. Wondered, I stream over Kurt's channel during my free times and that's where the rabbit hole started.

  Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider were schoolmates and graduates of Yale University, who love music so much they started making music videos around 2009. Sam has that incredible vocal range that suits ballads and pop very well, while Kurt ,although has that mellow voice, he doesn't sing much but does the production, recording, direction, arrangement and acoustics. He's known for playing various instruments known to mankind (haha!). Well, that's very basic intro if you're not a fangirl of these two. But in my own terms, these tandem make me discover originals from their covers and find the latter very well done. They also make originals, which are also greatly (and mostly) written by Kurt and performed by Sam. As of now I love Kurt's one-take shots of Bruno Mars medley and Maroon 5 medley while I can't stop singing Sam Tsui's mashups, Summer Pop Medley, Michael Jackson medley, and originals: Make it Up, Shadow, Grey Area and Don't Want an Ending.

    Now, I knew why my friend liked Kurt! And I do love him too!
Just this summer I promised that if ever they would schedule a concert here in the Philippines, I would surely go and watch these two perform. And behold, just few weeks after that realization of mine, they announced that they will have a two-night show here in June! The ticket prices were fine, even though we only have few weeks to save up. I got really excited and we all planned to watch.
I also included it to my birthday wish list! Well, look who greeted me! So adorable Kurt! :3

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Jul 11, 2014 iBall 2014

 Another event full of media and bloggers, iBall 2014 was an interactive appreciation party to let the community and users know more about our trusty buy and sell site. 

I've been invited to this gathering two years ago but I wasn't available that time, but now I wouldn't miss the chance! Last year we've been using this site to buy a car and I'm one of the most interested to know how everything goes in there. Aside from that, it was hosted by the internet action star Ramon Bautista (seeing him in UP wasn't easy though haha XD), Jojo the Love Survivor (of Magic 89.9), and Boys Night Out DJs Tony Toni, Slick Rick and Sam YG!

The event was held at Alphatent, Alphaland Tower. The whole place was surrounded by pinoy themed graffiti walls by visual artist Jose Gabriel. I also liked the food. It's simple with pinoy theme but varied and tasted really good!

Opening flash mob by La Salle Dance Company Street

Hosts: Jojo the Love Survivor and Sir Ramon Bautista

Hosts: Tony Toni, Slick Rick and Sam YG (Boys Night Out)

The hosts gave a good laugh for everyone. I can't remember taking my eyes off these fun people. Everybody seemed to enjoy the night with jokes, pick-up lines and banats!

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May 28, 2014

Birthday Buffet at DADS!

Birthdays only come once in a year so I better make the most out of it. So my family decided to take advantage of the birthday buffet promo at DADS for my 19th birthday. Almost all buffet restos have this promo where the birthday celebrant could have a free buffet either on the day of their birthday or within the week. At DADS, you can avail of it everyday, Lunch and Dinner, within the week of your birthday, that "3days before until 3 days after your birthday" promo. It's a good deal since their lunch buffet rate is just P488/pax (promo rate in SM Megamall with crossover to Saisaki and Kamayan, where we ate.) I just brought a copy of my birth certificate and filled out a form after to avail of the promo.

They open at 11am in Megamall. We came there about 11:30 and there were already a lot of people. We didn't call for reservation though but thankfully there are still seats available.

DADS World buffet offers a lot of foreign cuisines as much as Filipino food.
Since I'm a meat lover, I indulged with different meat selections around like lechon, crispy pata, roasted turkey, roast beef, katsus, dumplings and many more.

Sushi lovers would surely love this alley. I'm not really fond of sushi  but I tried some and especially that Lipstain (?), it's that sushi with cherry on top, I found it cute somehow.

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May 9, 2014

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

"The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class in an epic battle that must change the past - to save our future." Written by Twentieth Century Fox -IMDB

     Hooked with these time-travel themed movies and series lately and I just won't let this movie pass! Well, one thing I learned when you time travel, either to the future or to the past, is that you can't change anything. You just have to be an observer; watching these people go by,talking, laughing, walking and dying. Because if you would try to save someone who was meant to die, it might change the whole future though.
But in Marvel Universe, it seems the X-Men will do everything to save the future, even teaming up with their past selves! Cool! If it were me, and I would have a chance to go back to the past and see the younger me, I would encourage my "younger me" to try sports and be athletic! Because I am not really into sports right now (yeah, what's sports? lol) , and I would like to see how will it work if I did. But one thing's for sure, I would have a very nice and toned body by now. Or abs. Or muscles. LoL!

Okay, let's just watch the trailer below!

What about you? What would you correct from the past to save the future? :)


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Apr 7, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Divergent x Captain America -Inspired Earrings OPEN WORLDWIDE

   Hello everyone!

  Two of the most trending movies last March served as an inspiration for my latest addition to my Fabric Button Collection; Divergent and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I just launched my Fabric Button Earrings collection at my Miss Bella Mode Facebook page with all of my designs including Adventure Time Earrings, EXO earrings and a whole lot more to be added, so keep posted! You can also request for CUSTOMIZED BUTTON Earrings but you must first coordinate with me so I will know if your design fits the buttons and/or if can be made by hand.

   Celebrating my new collection, and also for the fans of Divergent and Captain America, I'll be giving away

        One (1) pair of Dauntless earrings to one (1) Divergent fan  and
 One (1) pair of Captain America's Shield to one (1) Captain America fan

Just follow the instructions down there in the rafflecopter below!
IMPORTANT: If you're a DIVERGENT fan, and want to win the DAUNTLESS earrings, do the FIRST "TWEET ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY" task.
    Meanwhile the SECOND "TWEET ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY" task is for Captain America fans.
They have unique tweets but if you want to win both then do both tasks! :)
Both tweeting tasks will be shown after you do the mandatory tasks. :)

Here's the product pictures that can also be seen in Miss Bella Mode's Facebook page!
Check out the Fabric Button Earrings Collection album too!

  Backstory: This Dauntless earrings was the third requested design by my friend. The Panda earrings, EXO earrings and this Dauntless earrings! All three designs are available on my FB page!  

Backstory: This is one of my favorites and regularly worn. If you've been following me through Instagram, you can see my Captain America Ring! Meanwhile, here's me wearing a Captain America's Shield earring.
Rock on!!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN WORLDWIDE AND WILL END ON APRIL 27. So keep inviting your friends and share the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mar 26, 2014

Outfit post: Counting Stars

   "Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep
  dreaming about the things that we could be..."

       Last days of school here in UP! We're really losing our sleep because of final exams. Haha!
 During our free times, we listen to cover songs like that cover of Chrissy, Kurt and Alex of Counting Stars and Sam Tsui's Mashup of Let It Go/Let Her Go. That's how we relax ourselves in fact you'll just hear us singing those covers while writing papers or observing plates.
                                           Parisian satchel bag |  Romwe Galaxy Blue Printed Leggings
           I recently held a giveaway from Romwe in my previous post and I spared some time "window shopping" again at their site. I updated my Wishlist to bookmark some items I would like to order in the future. It helps! Especially you can see if the items are on sale or still have stock.

      This Romwe galaxy leggings is my first item from them and since I wore them I got compliments and people have been asking me where I got it. It seems that a lot of imitations of this design of leggings have been popping out in the streets, but look at mine! I had it almost for a year and the print hasn't changed! It's still good as new!

    It's hard to count the stars while wearing it, let the others do it for you. ;)


White button down long sleeves polo | Ring | Gold collar necklace| Embellished headband| Black flats

      All are unbranded items that some I bought from Quiapo and other street stores! Who can say it's a low budget outfit! It's all about matching and proper styling. And for me, it is important that you start with at least one statement piece and let your creativity flow. And remember, it doesn't have to be expensive!  

                                             |Hype this look at Lookbook and Chictopia|

This summer, it's your time to shine! Be creative and be playful with your outfit!

'Til next!


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