Apr 27, 2015

5 Reasons to go SPEED DATING (featuring Chérir Life Events)

If dating makes you already feel awkward and nervous, what more if you put some "speed" to it? Don't get intimidated easily but instead, take this like a challenge! Here are some of the reasons you might want to get into this style of dating.


Once you've gone into numerous, casual dating, sometimes it gets boring and you want to try the other stuff. Speed dating has all the basics of a casual date but with twists!  Some would add few variations or set up activities based on the theme, but with one goal: taking dating into a more upbeat and fun way, romance still included!


2. Lots of fish in the sea!
"The Bachelorette" feels
It's probably the top advantages of speed dating; the more, the merrier! You've got  a maximum of month's worth of choices  and you have all chance to talk to each other (not just stare at them okay)!
Organizers would set up bunch of participants with the same age brackets, hobbies, affiliations or favorites to make sure your choices are within your standards. You'll meet geeks, yuppies, writers, overachievers, romantic moviegoers and much more, in ONE NIGHT! What a catch!


3. It's under TIME PRESSURE!

You know that it takes less than 5 minutes to decide if we fancy someone? So if you're on a hurry and you want to know if the two of you would have SPARKS, then engage to a conversation and see what the person is into. In speed dating you are usually given 3-4 minutes,so it's a challenge for you to tell about yourself and know a person given a small amount of time! Well, that's really a good thing taking into account a bunch of people you got to meet in an instant!

You'll probably have a script of things about yourself, but after that you can't help but to go with the flow of the conversation. You being a dog-lover might not look cute to everyone, so sometimes you get the unexpected reactions and comebacks from people. You can't have a time to check the background profiles of people so you can't be as prepared. Sometimes you get shocked on how you can handle shy people, and feel weird around extroverts. Nevertheless, all of you will be surely caught off guard!

5.  There's a SPEED DATING EVENT under the STARS!
Of course, my list would be in vain if there won't be an event about it , so here it goes.
I previously covered the speed dating event of Chérir Life Events at Cafe Ysabel. Now they'll be organizing one at the Verona Roof deck of Privato Hotel in Shaw Blvd. ! 
Oh come on, I can only imagine the breathtaking feeling of cold summer night, dating under the stars with fellow bachelor and bachelorettes!  Single ladies and gentlemen from ages 23-25 are welcome to join! Just contact Cherir Life Events on Facebook or from the details below!


 You might just find your lucky star! See you there!



Image sources: Google Images

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Apr 21, 2015

Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 at SM Supermalls


An exhibit of mixing tastes and culinary innovation, Madrid Fusion Manila is a first culinary festival to be held on April 24-26, 2015 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.
       SM, in partnership with Department of Tourism and Madrid Fusion Manila, has the vital tasks of bringing the richness of our culinary heritage to a global audience in Madrid Fusion Manila and to share this great celebration to our fellow Filipinos through festive activities in SM Malls nationwide.

The event will feature Spain and Asia’s legendary chefs: Andoni Luis Aduriz, Elena Arzak, Quique Dacosta, Ramón Freixa, Francis Paniego, Paco Roncero, Mario Sandoval, Paco Torreblanca, André Chiang, and Alvin Leung. Presenting the Philippines’ own diverse and imaginative epicurean traditions are chefs Fernando Aracama, Margarita Forés, J Gamboa, José Luis “Chele" Gonzalez, Pepe Lopez, Rob Pengson, Bruce Ricketts, Myrna Dizon, Claude Tayag, and Juan Carlos de Terry. Premium and traditional products from the countries will also be showcased during the event by the exhibitors.

   It's truly one gastronomic event that a culinary enthusiasts shouldn't miss! Not only you'll get the chance to learn cooking tips and guides from prestigious chefs, but also be able to get ideas about the future of the food, especially the Spanish-Filipino cuisine which is probably the most familiar tastes to us.

(L-R)   Chef JP Anglo, Chef Bruce Ricketts, Chef Claude Tayag, Chef Rob Pengson
    Cuisine demonstration at Sarsa Kitchen + Bar, Mall ofAsia last April 16, 2015. Chef Bruce Ricketts, Chef Rob Pengson and Chef Claude Tayag, the Philippines’finest representatives to the Madrid Fusion Manila Congress showcased their mastery in cooking, with a special participation of Chef JP Anglo.

   Chef Rob Pengson
 Chef Rob Pengson’s Mango Tapioca Surprise
Chef JP Anglo

Chef JP Anglo’s Bangus Spring Rolls with Talangka Vinegar and Batikulon Mang Tomas Sauce

Chef Bruce Ricketts

Chef Bruce Ricketts’ Seared Prawns with Crispy Marinated Saba, Avocado and Burnt Coconut Vinegar

 Highlighting the best in food, art and culture of the Philippines, these chefs shared to the guests the delectable dishes that are proudly Filipino. With their artful skill in creating wonderful meals, it is such a delight to know that the Philippines has so much excellence to offer in the culinary world.

For the complete schedule of events at SM malls, visit SM Supermalls on Facebook or 
@smsupermalls on Instagram. For more information on how to register for Madrid 
Fusion Manila 2015, visit www.madridfusionmanila.com



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Apr 19, 2015

3 Quick Tips on Hair Extensions (by Flaired Hair Extensions)


Forever short-haired girls (like me) have this inner wish: have that long hair when we wanted to . Whether you have thin strands, or it frames your face better, or you just chose to be that way (because it's ALWAYS hot), admit it, once in a while we dreamed of getting our hair braided like Elsa or Katniss, or simply put it up in a pony ala Ariana Grande. 

We're glad there are hair extensions.  Instead of waiting for months, hair extensions makes it quick for us to have that long locks for  birthday parties, wedding, any special occasion or just when you want them to!

But what do we know about this thing? Here's a quick guide on choosing the best hair extensions!
1. Choose your hair


There are three types of hair material used for hair extensions: the synthetic hair, animal hair and human hair. The fancy wigs are usually made of synthetic, and quite itchy. Animal hair is coarser and thicker than human hair and not very suitable for fine hairs. 

Human hair extensions are the best, of course, since it blends well to your hair. You can treat it like your own and do whatever you want like twirl, braid, cut, color and perm! How convenient is that!

2. Choose your attachments                            

Hassle-free instant long locks are just a clip away! Clip-on hair extensions are the best since you can remove and put it on anytime by yourself.
  Other methods such as gluing, sewing and braiding require tools, if not professional help, in order to make them stay.
 You can choose whether single clip or multi-clip.

3. Choose your hair extension thickness

Yes! Not only the length and the color, but also if it's single-drawn or double-drawn. Single drawn is v-shaped, like that of layered hair. If you order 20 inches of hair, only 10% of them are 20 inches, the rest is shorter. While the double-drawn, all strands have the same length from root to tip.

These are just basics and it is suggested that you consult hair extensions producers regarding what other tips on choosing hair extensions. Surely, these extensions not only would give you extra hair but also an added flair!
My dear short-haired ladies, this is how your fave celebrities jump off from short hairstyle to a longer one. And these ladies too, using Flaired Hair Extensions!


For more information about Flaired Hair Extensions, you may visit their Facebook page via http://fb.com/flairedhairextensions or follow them on Instagram via @flairedhairextensions. With only PHP 3500, you can already have your 20 inches of full head, double drawn human hair extensions for longer, fuller hair just like your own.


About Flaired Hair Extensions:
Flaired Hair Extensions is a Filipino brand of hair extensions that offer human hair in one-piece clip-on format, which makes getting longer and fuller hair easier. Our products include human hair extensions (PHP 3,500 for 20 inches and PHP4,500 for 26 inches, free shipping) and human hair bangs (PHP1,000, free shipping). Some of our celebrity clients are Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes and Kim Chiu. Flaired has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and the ABS-CBN News Channel.



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Mar 30, 2015

My Designer Dream at CoeXYst 2015; UP ACTS Fashion Competition Year 3

"Dreams come true if you really want them to"

UP Association of Clothing Technology Students (UP ACTS) holds a fashion design competition every year for young students in the metro who have passion for fashion. This year, they had CoeXYst, where in contestants should design two, ready-to-wear androgynous outfits (meaning they could be worn by male and/or female), and being able to interpret this year's theme GENDER EQUALITY.

I joined. I've just learned about this a week before the submission of entries, and telling you now that even though I have been blogging for four years (and counting) and I've been trying to design ever since high school, that it wasn't easy for me to come up with outfits that would look good in the runway. You have to consider a lot of things, first would be the design. Google images and online fashion websites were my bestfriends during that time since I had to do research about androgynous outfit, what is ready-to-wear (more than just the term) and be creative on how to incorporate gender equality.
Next it is said in T&C that we'll be having a fabric shopping and patahi experience, so we'll be the one to choose and buy our fabric and let someone sew the outfit.  I was thinking, how many types of fabric do I know? "KNOW" means I know the texture, the look and the structure.  Maybe just a handful.  Some people wouldn't really care much about the type of fabric they are wearing, but as a designer, you have to know there are a lots of SHEER fabric out there, not just CHIFFON and MESH.
My next problem is that, as many of you know, I have minimal drawing skills... and to tell you, I had lots of drafts before I got the designs I wanted. For that one week I had to learn "basic" drawing and digital design (thank you blogs!) since I'm more comfortable in digital design. So I had to make a sketch of my outfit on a paper, scan it and enhance the details on Photoshop. Whew! I still can't draw model hands and feet though. T.T

I felt like having a one week crash course in fashion design! WOW!

But anyway, I managed to submit my designs on the deadline! Crossed my fingers! Hoping not only to be chosen but also, if I got to be, I hope the designs would turn out well in real life!

After a month, I was chosen as a finalist! I can't contain my excitement during the designers' orientation wherein I was able to meet other designer finalists and the organizers, photoshoot and fabric shopping/patahi experience! Taytay Textile Market is the place to be for bargain cloths!!!! 
LOOK AT ALL THESE FABRIC!!! At Taytay Textile Market!

During the shopping we were accompanied by Clothing Technology students to guide us in choosing our fabrics. I initially thought that it would be easy for me to find the fabrics for my designs since the place got a wide variety of fabrics, but I WAS WRONG. We all experienced searching at the deepest and darkest corners of the stalls, touching every fabric we see, asking for "tastas" (a cut sample of the fabric), and finding the kuyas to cut a yard  of our chosen fabric. The unforgettable one for me was that my design includes a rainbow bandeau, and I thought I would just find and ask for some rainbow batik fabric, then I figured out that a batik cloth with seven colors would be as close to impossible to find since it's not easy to perfectly dip-dye a cloth. HOW WOULD I KNOW THAT. Well, since I couldn't drop that detail in my design, I really have to find a closest thing they have in there. Thankfully, we found one batik with four colors of red, orange, yellow and violet. Better than nothing though.

 Fabric swatches on my designs
 During the patahi place at Marikina, the designers need to explain the designs to a seamstress. You have to tell which fabrics should be used in certain parts of your design and the specific details of how you want it to look like.

That day I was able to bond with other designers and we all went through a challenging day!

The most awaited moment for us would be the FINAL GALA NIGHT which was held at the Prime Upscale Club at Tomas Morato last March 21.

The five designer finalists along with their designs will walk the runway! 

                                               OOTN! An Arnold Galang dress for the night!

Of course, it won't be a competition without the esteemed judges!

Judges: (L-R) Gelo Salonga, Brian Tenorio and RJ Santos
The following are the designer finalists and their designs.

First designer: Jennica Arboleda

Jennica had a trouble finding for the Marsala red fabric for the coat and I think we have the same fabric for the pants.

Second designer: Tito Pavia

Tito's inspiration is the Greek mythology! That's cool!

Third designer: Czarina Anonuevo

      Androgynous Rewind! Filipino indigenous clothes designed to be worn by both male and female!

Fourth designer: Moriela Morandarte (That's me!!)
Here's mine! The MissY collection!
Minimalist combination of white sheer and black structured fabrics with rainbow accents.
There's a rainbow bandeau underneath the pinstriped white polo and Y-suspenders.

Paneled sheer polo with rainbow belt!

Fifth designer: Bogs Montilla

Peg is all white!

Many didn't know that we almost had a problem with my designed outfits, first the bandeau was falling and Riana (first model) was worried it might fall while she's walking. Thanks for the safety pins! Second, they can't find the rainbow belt for Khrystal (second model) and we are already in the third designer! But they manage to find it while Riana's walking! Whew!

Here are my beautiful models! Thanks for wearing my designs!

Riana Pangidian and Khrystal Jose


During that moment I realized that being a fashion designer doesn't end at the moment you see the finished clothes. You have to choose your models properly and be concerned about them and how the clothes fit them. Although they'll only wear them once, you must make sure that they are comfortable and confident wearing your designs!

After a few segments, they finally announced the winners!

For 2nd Runner-up,
IT'S ME!!!!

The 1st Runner-up,

And for the Grand winner,

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! That was a night was really overwhelming of congratulatory remarks, as what happens during the Philippine Fashion Week, but then I just realized how it really feels like being congratulated as a designer, and thanking them as well. As this gratitude comes from the heart, we know that people appreciated what we have created.
All work has been paid off and for me all designs were amazing!

I also want to congratulate UP ACTS for this successful event, as this opened an opportunity for us to exhibit our talent and passion for fashion. Can't wait for next year!

And as I always say, this was just a dream of mine before, and thankfully I didn't stop doing it, and here I am. Hope this would serve an inspiration to those aspiring fashion designers out there, whether as a hobby or as a profession, or in general, JUST KEEP REACHING YOUR DREAMS!

Thanks to my friends, family and all the people who came to support and watch!
This is only the beginning we hope!


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Mar 18, 2015

Summer Styles from PhFW S/S 2015

Summer's just around the corner! Can't wait to hit the beach and the mall for some summer trend shopping! Here's a recap of some of the designs presented by Filipino designers at the Philippine Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2015. You might just get an idea of what to buy at the latest summer sale! :)

I AM FOR PEACE by Arnold Galang

 A. Galang's collection features ready-to wear batik-inspired, colorful pieces using light fabrics. His collection also represents his advocacy for peace.

SVELTE by Cherry Samuya Veric

This is such an exquisite collection of formal gowns and dresses primarily in shades of red and gold, but using sheer, chiffon and other lightweight detailed fabric.

                                                                                 Venus Raj

                                                             Shamcey Supsup and Venus Raj!

SPECTRUM by Eric delos Santos

As the name of the collection says, it's more about the spectrum of colors, lively shades of blues and yellows in semi-formal and smart casual attires. Loving the jumpsuits!

RHAPSODY OF HUE by Nardie Presa

Also using light fabrics with minimal details, perfect for people who likes toned down outfits with little splash of colors.


Using neoprene fabric, some pieces looked flashy but not over-the-top and has that relaxing, cool feel! So perfect for summer!

Hoped you liked these collections! Can't wait for the next season!



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