Apr 29, 2016

Diyos-Diyosan: Faith, Power and Politics

                       The film “Diyos-Diyosan” is a socio-political film that tackles a very timely issue in the Philippines. Written and Directed by Cesar Evangelista Buendia, this film aims to educate all the Filipinos to become a responsible and wise voter.The story revolves around Mojica’s life struggle to be recognized by the society but soon after that recognition becomes his hunger for power.


Starring ABS CBN Banana Split star John Prats, and veteran actress Princess Punzalan, the film “Diyos-Diyosan” challenged their versatility as an actor.

Here is a short summary of the film:

1986 - Mahal niya ang kaniyang bayan pero kinamumuhian
 niya ang Diyos. Kaya sinigurado ni Estrell (Princess Punzalan), na ganun din ang gagawin ng kaniyang mga 4th year High School students. “Maglingkod sa bayan!” aniya. “at maniwala ka sa sarili mo!"Matalino, pero maraming hinanakit sa buhay ang paboritong estudyante ni Estrell na si Bernard (John Prats). Sumunod siya sa mga turo ng kaniyang guro kaya’t naniwala siya sa sarili niya, bagkus tanging sa sarili lamang. Hindi siya naniwala sa Diyos.2014 - Subalit nang maglaon, natagpuan ni Estrell ang Panginoong Hesus at siya’y nanampalataya Dito. Pero si Bernard ay naging isang masamang Senador ng Republika ng Pilipinas na isa sa mga pinakamalakas na kandidato para maging Pangulo ng Pilipinas sa Eleksyon ng 2016. Sa pagkakataong ito, muli silang magtatagpo.Ang kwentong ito ay tungkol sa mga kabuktutan ng Politika sa Pilipinas at kung papaano kumikilos ang mga Kamay ng Diyos sa kasaysayan ng ating bayan. Ang dIYOS-DIYOSAn ay isang kwento ng tagumpay na dapat mapanood ng bawat Pilipino. 

Critics say that you should watch this film before the elections as it will show us the realities of what's going on in politics. And if you are still an undecided voter, maybe it could help you choose and vote wisely.

"Diyos-Diyosan" will be shown in all SM Cinemas nationwide starting May 4!

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Apr 10, 2016

KC's Closet: Pre-Loved Fashion for a Cause

More than just peeking inside a celebrity's closet, you'll be able to pick and shop pre-loved luxury items, at a discount, and give meals to children!
KC Concepcion's passion for fashion along with United Nation's World Food Program (WFP),
  re-opened KC's Closet to more convenient and secure shopping experience with an advocacy to provide nutritious meals to school children in Mindanao area.

The intimate gathering of media and bloggers took place last April 6 at Le Jardin, BGC. It was one day before KC's birthday so it was like an early birthday treat!
KC studied fashion in Paris and Le Jardin, a French-garden inspired restaurant, is just fit for the event!

DJ Bea Fabregas of RX 93.1 hosted the event

Me and my mom likes singing Sharon Cuneta's songs every karaoke session and needless to say, I was told of how famous the Sharon-Gabby love team during their time. Their daughter KC Concepcion is considered a showbiz royalty, blessed with the beautiful genes of her parents and the spotlight for fame. Despite all these things, KC chose to study fashion in Paris on her own during her early years, and when she came back, she uses her fame in good use by supporting a cause and being the WFP's National Ambassador Against Hunger for 8 years.

Okay, I was just thrilled to see the birthday girl!
Here she is!

KC's Closet started as a celebrity bazaar, but as to reach more people and internationally, KC uploaded her items for auction in E-Bay. This year, they relaunched a new home in KCSCLOSET.COM , a more personal and independent site for KC's preloved items.

 " I think I have the same problem as every other celebrity. What are we gonna do with these clothes?!? We can't wear them again. So instead of just giving it away, why not sell it online and use the proceeds to help the children."

These items are only used once at the least, and they are authentic and luxury brands that were used in guestings, hostings, special occasions, travelling around the world, or in her scenes in TV and movies. Every item represents a memory of KC's life, on and off the camera.

There's only one piece of every item! For every purchase of pre-loved items in KC's Closet, you'll be able to provide school meals to Filipino children in Mindanao. They use food as an incentive for these children to attend and stay in school.

Her sizes range from XS, S and M and shoes around size 37 (of a Giuseppe Zannoti heels!!! I AM SIZE 39 THIS IS SAD :( ) but don't you worry ! Soon, other celebrities will be invited to join and sell their items at KC's Closet so keep yourself updated!

Simple, elegant KC poses for the media
Meeting her that day was a great pleasure for me!  This event made us knew more about her than just being an "on screen royalty actress" and I am very glad to share some info to readers and fans!


 Button-down polos and good pair of jeans!
She told us that she wears three-colors the most. Yes we counted the colors she was wearing that day and it is true enough. :) No wonder though, elegance and simplicity were innate to her being a Manila-Paris raised woman.

KC looks forward to exploring the mountains and peaks of the Philippines and in fact already visited some of them!

None! Haha like "Wala naman" daw. She just surrounds herself with good and positive people and friends.
But yeah, she makes sure that she "moves" during the day, like a 15-minute walk or jog.

Her "the one".....

...should find her and sweep her off her feet! KC says she has a positive outlook on her love life this year. And well, she also wishes that KC's Closet will be a success and will be able to help more children!

Let us make that wish come true!
Visit www.kcscloset.com to shop and support her fashion for a cause project!
KC and Me!
All the love!


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Mar 21, 2016


Today is exactly a year after I had my first ready-to-wear androgynous collection for a fashion design competition. That's when my designer dream came true, and I promised myself that I wouldn't stop there. After all, I used to design dresses and this time, they became real.

My cousin's wedding led me to design mine and my mom's dress for that special day. I took advantage of the occasion to encourage my mom to just let me design a dress for her and buy the fabric. Cape dresses are widely seen and worn by famous people so I decided to take my chance and my top choice of fabric is neoprene.

If you have been very observant with the fabric that some foreign and local actresses are wearing recently, you are probably familiar with how it flaunts their figures and flows smoothly. Neoprene is a quite heavy fabric (maganda ang bagsak) and has a smooth, silky finish. It hugs the body and stretches a little (which makes it different from spandex). It doesn't run so it could have seamless patterns.
No doubt, neoprene is widely used fabric for formal dresses and gowns with very minimal design. It also comes in different solid colors! But for the wedding, we bought a flesh/skin tone color and white. 

I can't wait to show you how they turned out when me and my mom wore them!

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Feb 8, 2016

DIY PLANNER (Tutorial, tips and tricks!)

For those who doesn't frequent coffee shops or ran out of budget to buy a planner or if you just want to customize your own, you can make your own DIY Planner just using your creativity! And probably some help from your local print shop. But anyway, making your own planner lets you include sections that you REALLY need, because let's be honest, store planners have lots of sections that we don't really use (read: bulkier than our school notebooks) and are just waste of paper and money. DIY planners can save you almost half of the price of the store planners, but you have to spend time with it! Don't worry! It's fun!

I've started making one just this November as a gift to my friend, from then, my mother asked me to make a few more for my brother's school teachers. This year I'm making my own and I want to share you my process of doing it!

First, you have to draft the sections of your planner and their number of pages.
And group them in total of four pages each group. This will help you in layout, printing and will make sure that there's no wasted space.

For example:

2016 Calendar with Holidays (1 page)
Letter to my 2017 self (2 pages)
Goals (1 page)

Wishlist (2 pages)
Monthly Savings (2 pages)

Homeworks (2 pages)
Meetings (2 pages)

(Weekly calendar view)
January  (4 pages)
 December (4 pages)

Memories (4 pages)
Doodle page (4 pages)
Notes (4 pages)
Contacts (4 pages)

The total pages should be ideally a multiple of four, and I usually end up with a 72-80 paged planner, depending on the number of sections and pages.

After that, I used Adobe Photoshop to layout the pages of my planner!
The usual size of each page is 8 x 5.5 in.
TIP: The planner will be ring-bound so allot at least .7 inch to the sides of the pages for punching holes, so when you are designing your pages, do not put necessary design elements here if possible.

From here, let your creativity flow!
I like to think of my color scheme and font family so from there, I could just play with the design elements.
If you are not familiar with the font sizes and spacing (aside from the 11 and 12 font sizes when doing school papers), especially on how it will look on printed paper, I'll give you some tips. Most of the time it depends on the font, but based on experience, 8-10pt is the smallest font size that is still readable on paper. For the writing lines, (Press Shift + - to produce a solid line _____  or  .  to produce dotted lines ..................), 16-20pt spacing is enough for someone to write on.

Here are some examples of my sections:




For the monthly sections, I intended to make it an open weekly calendar view, so the user will be the one to write the dates on and easier for me to layout. I just kept one .PSD file for it, so during printing, I'll be able to change the months.


For those who have their own printer like me, you can print them on a letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11 in)
Just cut-off the excess .5 inch in either top or bottom if you want or keep it that way. In my case, I am using an A4 size photo paper for my cover (8.2 x 11.6 inches) so I need to cut off the excess.

After printing, cut them in half and arrange the pages.

For the cover, I am using an A4 size photo paper, ideally 180-220gsm so it will be thick. I also saw Elle of Simply Caramelle make her own blog planner cover by laminating it so it will be sturdy. I recommend that if you usually stash your things inside your bag so to prevent folds and scratches. I actually plan of doing that even though I have a leather cover from an old planner.

So now that you have printed your planner pages, organized and topped them with the covers, you could now let your local print shop do the punching of holes and binding them! So for me, I just spent Php 25 for binding!
If you don't have your own printer, find a print shop that could print your pages for you at a low price or limit the colored pages.

Here's how it looked!




See? It's easy and fun!
Start making your own planner now!


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Feb 4, 2016

Like to bike? Move to love.:Lakbay2Love

This is not your ordinary "travel-and-love" type of love story. Lakbay2Love makes you appreciate nature while falling in love and supporting a movement! For the past few years, we've been aware of the proposal to use bike as a mode of transportation instead of cars, especially if you're living near your office or school. This not only helps in decreasing pollution and traffic congestion, biking is also a form of exercise that's good for our mind and body.

Lakbay2Love started as an idea about seven years ago, as told by the director Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, but didn't push through until Typhoon Yolanda happened. She wanted to promote biking not only as a hobby or a sport but also as a tool to save the environment  "one pedal at a time".
Concert set-up at UP Amphitheater. (Photo grabbed from Lakbay2Love FB page.)
Last January 29 was the "green carpet" outdoor premiere of Lakbay2Love at UP Amphitheater. It's a grass-covered area, and we're told to bring mats to sit on.   It was such a very chill experience, sitting and lying on the grass under the open sky, makes us appreciate the theme of the movie even more.  We really feel like we're one with nature! Lakbay2Love is the first bike movie in the Philippines, and the first to hold a green carpet premiere. Needless to say, they just proved every point of their purpose.
Dennis and Solenn join bikers for a bike ride around UP Acad Oval.
 (Photo grabbed from Lakbay2Love FB page.)
 The event started with a bike ride led by Dennis Trillo and Solenn Heusaff and the UP Bike Share community. The concert featuring bands from UP Music Circle, artist Joey Ayala and Solenn and Dennis sang featured songs in the movie, while the night gets dark enough to watch the movie.

BYOBBBB (Bring Your Own Bike, Baon, Banig, Bae!) Viewers bring their own food and mats (and love ones) while watching.
"Gusto kong matutong mag-bike" in the tune of Overdrive. Dennis and Solenn singing songs from the movie.
Director Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil with the lead stars, telling about the story behind the movie.

Lakbay2Love is a chill movie, a breath of fresh air. It won't make your heart ache, instead you'll be moved. The scenes will take you to different bike trails where nature is thriving while the characters show you that travelling to these places could be more exciting with biking.  I like how Solenn and Dennis kept it natural and light. The blend of the (love) story and the purpose was smooth. For one, actual bikers from different organizations were there, even the lead characters are into biking in real life. It gets to the viewers the effects of biking not only physically, environmentally but also emotionally. Those who want to improve their well-being in a thrilling way won't miss the chance to get the habit of biking.
 The ending does not disappoint!  I'm sure you'll watch until the credits!

I just want to grab a bike and a friend and go to the places they've been! I also learned a lot about  bikes in general and the organizations and events associated with biking. You'll also reminisce those times you've fallen in love and you've fallen out of your bike! Haha!

After the movie, they raffled the Trek bikes used in the movie! Lucky for those who got them!
Grab your dates and your friends and don't forget to drop by the theaters this February 3 and experience another kind of coming of age, travel love story through biking!
 Be part of the movement to save Mother Nature, one pedal at a time. Watch Lakbay2Love starring Dennis Trillo, Solenn Heusaff and Kit Thompson. Directed by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil. Film by Erasto Films, with the participation of UP Bike Share and The Firefly Brigade.

Movie buddy! Thanks to this girl for being my companion and photographer for the night! 

Like Lakbay2Love 's Facebook Page to get updates on the screening schedules and more! 

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